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Grandma's Boy

No description

Marisa Carafelli

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Grandma's Boy

Grandma's Boy Who are the characters? Take your your feelings and your perspective, how would you "fix" the problem? Now... Helen Jamison: Justin's teacher, first year teacher
Cindy: Helen's roommate who helps her think things through
Justin: Helen's student who is not achieving socially or academically
Judy: Justin's first grade teacher who gives Helen insight
Justin's mother: relinquished custody of Justin
Granny Richardson: Justin's grandma who comes to the conference uninvited with some choice words
Justin's father: lets Granny do the talking during conferences What are the issues? Possible abuse of Justin
Justin's poor academics and social interactions
Granny's refusal to have Justin tested for a special services
Lack of guardian support given to Helen So...
How are you feeling?
Reflect personally and on the situation at hand
Draw a picture to match your reflection. Perspectives Helen: Determined to help Justin and will likely continue to
Justin: Justin doesn't work or socialize in class. We do not know the reason behind this but chances are he will continue to fall behind without intervention
Justin's father: He allows his mother to dictate a lot of what happens with Justin and will probably continue to
Granny Richardson: Granny is very outwardly opinionated about Justin and Justin's "no-good, low life mother" Come up with three words.
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