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Mythical monsters in the uk

No description

Ellie Tracy-Hannon

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Mythical monsters in the uk

my prezi presentation is about six mythical creatures in the uk:nessie,the evil black hound,kraken,beast of boodmin,the highbury hunchback,the spring heeled jack.
Mythical monsters in the uk
Nessie is the nickname for the Loch Ness Monster.Nessie is based in the scotland highlands in the lake near the highlands.one time a circus owner offered £20,000 for anyone who could bring it back alive to the circus.
Kraken is also based in Norway. it is a legendary sea monster of giant proptionary that is said to dwell the coasts of Norway and Greenway
the Spring Heeled Jack is from sheffield the first real sighting of it was in 1837.He was most know for hibizzarre apearences and his agility to make etradinary leaps
the evil black hound is a dog or a wolf which is supposedly the colour black.some people have stories about it and soem people just dont believe.nobody really knows as there is no evidence even if search up the black hound there is a game based on this mythical creature.
the beats of bodmin moor is its full name this monster is in cornwall it is a large phantom wild black cat
The Beast of Bodmin
the highubury hunchback is a old disgusting ,dirty, creature this monster is from highbury.there are different stories about the highbury hunchback so many people dont/do believe
spring heeled jack
the highbury hunchback
this slide is about 2 creatures that rome the ground
there are two mythicalcm creatures of the uk
The highbury hunchback
Spring Heeled Jack
The Evil black hound
By Ellie Tracy-Hannon
Some people may believe some may not.
these presentations will be about 2 mythical monsters
the evil black hound
the beast of bodmin
for the evil black hound i used my own knowledge and other peoples
also for the highbury hunchback i couldnt find any info
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