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Historical Backround Presentation

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ariola bardhi

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Historical Backround Presentation

Historical Backround Presentation By Angela Ham, Ariola Bardhi, Merita Lekaj

What I did not know..
About the Author
The black literary movement
African and European backgrounds.
Author Biography- Zora Neale Hurston.
Zora Neale was one of the most memoribale African American writers in America. She expressed the struggles and courgae od the African Americns in the south, and wrote about their stories and culture.
Found her voice in writing during the Harlem Renaissance.
She used very skillful dialect and colorful imagery throughout the story.
Died at the home hameless and penniless in 1960.
The Harlem Renaissance was a black literary movement of the 1920's and 30's
They embraced literary, musical, theatrical, and visual arts of the African American cutlure.
Many African American women did not graduate college.
What i previously learned ....
Zora Neale Hurstonspent much of her lifein her hometown, Eatonville Florida.
She loved it culture and tradition and decided to make it the settingfor much of "Their eyes were watching God"
Eatonville consisted of many African Americans. (89%)
Many newly freed slaves moved to central Florida in search for work after the civil war.
Eatonville remains an important landmark with culture and history of Florida till this day.
The Town of Eatonville, Florida
Many slaves searched for job opportunities.
Many white owners did not allow African Americanns to buy land.
What you previously learned before reading the article
What i did not know..
I didn't know anything about Eatonville
Many landowners did not allow blacks the opportunity to buy enough land in order to establish any significantly-sized town.
Eatonville is recognized today as the oldest incorporated all-black town in the U.S. and one if only a few still in existence.
Intresting Facts.
The first all black community to be incorporated in the U.S.
Rich in its culture and tradition.
Located on Orange County, Florida.
Population 2,387 89% African American.
What i already know..
Oral Tradition is verbal communication of stoires of history, famity values, and morals passed on from generation to generation.
Folktales are through fairytales, religous tales, and ect..
They have to find diffrent ways for communication.
Slaves tried to run away.
What I found most interesting /upsetting/ important about the Article
she expressed the struggles and courage of the african americans
It was upsetting how they treated african americans women.
African American Oral Tradiotion
She reconized the values of Folklore, religion, and music the African American culture.
Many of the Folktales were brought fronm Africa and weren't tolerated by the white slaveholders.
The slaves sang songs to educate, englighten, and reflect, upon the past, present, and future hopes and slaves.
What i dont know...
Oral Tradition develops in a culture.
Many African American folktales traveled Africa as slaves were brought to America.
Slaves were forced to speak English and were not allowed to learn to read and write.
Intresting Facts..
Slaves would sing songs expressing love, hope, and freedom.
The spirtitual or slave song was created and remians one of the most important and significant aspects of the African American culture and history today.
In 1863, Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which declared freedom for all slaves.
It was issued to strenghten the Norths power and weaken the souths.
Post Civil War Segregation in America
What i did not know..
African American got jailed ater refusing to get out of the white section of the railroad car.
Intresting Facts
What i found most intresting is that although Linclon isueed the Emanicpation Proclamition states ended up making their own laws against African Americans.
Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863
Slavery was illegal in the southern states.
What i already knew..

What i already knew..
Migration is the movement of a group of people from one country or place to another.
large population of the black community moved from the oppressive south to the relatively less restricted Northern states.
What i didnt know..
One of the greatest centers of the African American migraion was the neighborhood known as Harlem, within the city of New York.
became a black community and center of African American heritage.
Intresting Facts
This era of cultural proliferation became known as the Harlem Renassance, A renassance is a revitalization of intellectual or artistic achievment or a time of cultural and artistic change.
92 % blacks lived in the southern states.
large populations left the south to go to less strict Northern States.
Social and economc freedom.
The great migration and the Halem Renaissance.
Based on the articles we can predict that the story " Their eyes were watching god" is a about discrimination and hardhsip the African Americans faced in the past. African Americans carried on messages and stories by telling folktales and using other segregation between black and white as well as males and females.
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