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Social Media Guidelines for StratComm 10-17-12

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wendy jones

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media Guidelines for StratComm 10-17-12

Social Media Guidelines The University of Georgia S.M.U.G An informal group of social media users which will meet on a regular basis to: assess the needs of our users
share educational opportunities
discuss new innovations
review best practices
facilitate better coordination
provide an open forum for feedback
update guidelines on a scheduled and as-needed basis Provide simulcast access to the CASE Social Media and Community Conference Sharing Opportunities Facilitate conversation and share useful information through the opt-in SMUG listserv Social Media Guidelines To create a set of institution-wide guidelines to direct the official use of social media on campus and that would: Purpose Help create and maintain a consistent social media presence - even when hundreds of voices are speaking on UGA's behalf.
Empower our communicators by giving them clear direction in their use of social media and serve as a guide for decision making when a conflict or conundrum arises Researched existing guidelines/policies Process Incorporated parts and pieces of guidelines and policies from: University of Wisconsin
DePaul University
University of Illinois
University of Texas at Austin
Vanderbilt University University of Notre Dame
Ball State University
Colorado State University
Georgia Tech
Virginia Tech Social Media Guidelines Committee review and editing EITS, Human Resources, Legal Affairs review Final Review Roll out and campus promotion http://www.listserv.uga.edu/archives/smug.html The guidelines are now available on the External Affairs Policies and Procedures page under the Public Affairs
General Policies Section at http://www.externalaffairs.uga.edu/policies/nodes/view/442/Social-Media-Guidelines

or on the For Campus Communicators page at https://news.uga.edu/stratcomm/
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