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Metropolis: Eternal Gardens

Please listen to all of the voiceover before clicking forward through the presentation. Enjoy!

Dahlia Darge

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Metropolis: Eternal Gardens

A Change of Opinion: Nature as a Primal Force Historical Setting Movie Background Metropolis (1927)

Dircected by: Fritz Lang

Produced by: Erich Pommer

Silent Film

Expressionistic Science Fiction Film Historical Background -The first World War has ended and Germany must be
held responsible to pay reparations
-This was the beginning of the economic depression in
- Germany became mostly industrialized in the big cities Comparisons & Intertextuality Characteristics of the Garden Absences of Clocks
-eternal Feder First scene with Feder
lack of machinery
happiness Maria First Scene with Maria
Primal roots
Belong to Nature
Stands tall
Lowly working class
Erase class differences escape
ignorant Director: Fritz Lang
Year: 1931
View on Nature
Nature as the place where primal forces within humans can thrive without social constraints
A place of life and death, but no real civilization
View on Society
Society tries to fight against nature so as to push away the uncivilized primal world and replace it with the clean, ordered structures of culture, government, and religion M Director: Klaus Kinski
Year: 1972
View on Nature:
Unstoppable primal force
Beast that will consume humanity
A character in its own right
View on Society
Society acts as a wall between civilized, logical behavior and the internal, base desires of the nature within man. Aguirre, the Wrath of God CONTRAST Social Issues Spas Spa's were a luxury for the rich to enjoy in their spare time Class Structure Very definite levels in society
-Upper Class: Rich people
-Working Class: hard working, made up the bulk of society View on Nature Trips to the country side were mainly for the rich
With the growth of industrialism, there became less and less green space in the cities
The cities became crowded and large buildings took over
Working class was the majority of people living in the city Clocks Clocks became more evident during this time
People began to have more structured lifestyles
Everyone began to move off the clock
Time clock Nature as the sleeping beast, humanity as insignificant as fleas
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