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The Conscious Entrepreneur

Leadership, Success, and Communications

Noospheric LLC

on 19 October 2014

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Transcript of The Conscious Entrepreneur

Crossing the Chasm: Knowing your Market
University of Michigan
Center for Entrepreneurship
September 7, 2012
Conventional Definitions of Success
Best Practices

The New Definition of Success
Success = Happiness
What is Synchronicity?
1. Synchronicity is the fifth and final studio album by The Police, released in 1983. The band's most popular release, Synchronicity includes the number one single, "Every Breath You Take."
2. A meaningful coincidence.
3. “When your thoughts, words, and actions are aligned” – the Entrepreneurs definition. The key here is CONSISTENCY
Success = Confidence
Temet Nosce
Video Here
Success = Integrity
Live Right
"Never put the sale ahead of Integrity."
Success = Health
Noospheric Portfolio
Being an Entrepreneur...
Seeing the invisible - Vision
Self - Discipline
Attitude - In the face of failure, loss, defeat
Failure an Option
Working many more hours than you would as an employee
Ownership = Tremendous responsibility
Major risk -- Pay yourself last
Knowing the reality of Entrepreneurship
The First Follower...
Is nearly as important as the founder
What investors invest in...
Management Team -- Surround yourself with smarter, more experienced people.
The Four Principle Questions
1. What problem does your product or service resolve?
Communications: Name that "Positioning Statement"
Communications: Name that "Positioning Statement"
Communications: Name that "Positioning Statement"
Communications: Name that "Positioning Statement"
A positioning statement clearly defines your purpose to your employees, your competitors, and your consumers. The statement

must be clear and to the point and define to your audience why you are unique in the field or market you are in.

You positioning statement does not have to be catchy or fun; but rather simple, and effective.
...to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.
To design the ultimate driving machine with the best handling and engineering efficiency.
A fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures.
How Much Data Do You Produce?
consider these metrics:
Over one billion people broadcast on the 3 most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)

Average person sends 34 emails a day and receives 106
How Much Data Do You Produce?
consider these metrics:
Self Echo
Self Echo is an integrated software platform that analyzes your data input and output, activities, geographical location, and environment to provide self analytics, quantification, and assessment.
Enables people to better understand their own patterns, outgoing and incoming energy, high vs. low performance factors.
Live happier, more productive lives.
Digital Self Assessment
Your capacity, strengths, weaknesses, and knowing how to make adjustments
Knowing yourself means understanding yourself
Find Your Passion! - Be Present - Give More Than You Take
Find Your Passion! - Be Present - Give More Than You Take
Writing the Positioning Statement - SBclick
“A mobile platform that serves content based on one’s geographic location, lifestyle, and preferences.”
Writing the Positioning Statement - Phone Halo
“The convergence of mobile devices with the physical world to prevent loss and misplacement.”
Every heard of the RIO MP3?
Effective Communication is always SIMPLE
Ever heard of...
Effective Communication is ALWAYS More Memorable
“Researching a company’s products would take minutes and they could be purchased with a few clicks.”
“Within five years, people will use the internet for instant calculations, quotes, and to chat on the fly.”
“If Jacques Habra has his way, having to hold for a customer service rep would be eliminated for good”
Past Predictions
“In the next five years, the internet will not only be an established standard, it will function as the fulcrum to how any business conducts business."
“Web sites are becoming more than just an office novelty, they may replace the telephone… for purchasing of products and finding what you’re looking for.”
“The World is quickly evolving into an interconnected sphere and the Internet will help to shape this.
Past Predictions
“Entrepreneurs and startups will be the key to America’s economic resurgence.”
Past Predictions
2. What opportunity does your product or service create?
3. Who is the customer/buyer?
4. What is the plan?
Realistic expectations -- Reliable forecasts
A Growing Market -- Demonstrate opportunity
The Conscious Entrepreneur
What is a positioning statement?
71% of these people utilize these networks every day
The time spent on the networks is growing exponentially
Average person sends 111.5 texts per day
Average smartphone user is on an APP other than Facebook, twitter, email, text approximately 97 minutes a day
Jacques Habra
The Conscious Entrepreneur
Internship Opportunities.
Takes care of where you are
Deals with complexity
Takes you to a new place
Deals with uncertainty
Is concerned with finding the facts
Makes decisions
Is concerned with doing things right
Is concerned with doing the right things
Critical concern is efficiency
Focuses on effectiveness
Sees and hears what is going on
Sees when there is no light
Finds answers and solutions
Formulates the questions and identifies the problems
Thinks a successful solution to a management problem can be used again
Wonders whether the problem in a new environment might require a different solution
Differentiating Leaders from Managers
A Manager:
A Leader:
October, 1996
April, 1997
Communication Strategies
"Why "knowing yourself" is arguably the most important quality in an entrepreneur
Capacity isn't just about fuel gauges
Honesty with your "self"
Valuable reflection upon mistakes, failure and success
Confidence in saying "I'm wrong" or "I don't know"
This leads to clarity in your life:
Knowing what you have enables you to improve and grow
Communications Strategy: Show, Don't Tell
Jacques Habra
Jacques Habra
Self-Awareness helps you know your weaknesses -so you can fill in the gaps
Good management is important,
but good leadership is essential
Energy vs. Entropy
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