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Copy of The Historical Reasons for the modern Creation of Israel 194

SS7H2b: Explain the historical reasons for the establishment of the modern State Of Israel in 1948.


on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of The Historical Reasons for the modern Creation of Israel 194

The Historical Reasons for the modern Creation of Israel 1948.
Night of Broken Glass
1938...this was a night of pure destruction of Jewish businesses and their homes in Munich Germany. The Jewish community also suffered by way of their women, men and children being brutally beaten and murdered.

Jews were stripped of their property and their Jewish citizenship. The 60% of Jews
that stayed were unable to work because of government restrictions.
The Night of Broken Glass
forced surviving Jews to live in
a section of the city where Nazis forced all Jews to livel
But then...the Jewish people and the feeling of Zionism did not go away!
The Arabs captured Palestine in 1918. There were Jews living here who had escaped persecution in Europe between 1919-1939.
The Jews felt that they had a "religous" connection to Palestine spanning over thousands of years. (Ottoman Empire)
In Conclusion...
Holocaust WWII
German's chancellor Adolf Hitler ordered the killing of more than 6 million Jews by Nazis.
Adolf Hitler
Then the world became aware of the "displaced" Jews...
Britain, still weary from the war, became very concerned about the Arab and Jewish claim to the land and decided to enlist the aid of the U.N. (United Nations) to assist in making a final decision.
The vote that changed Israel...
United Nations voted and on May 14th, 1948 at the stroke of midnight the Jews dream of returning home and finally holding the true claim to Israel became a reality...the nation of Israel was created!
After the Holocaust...
ZIONISM feeling emerged in displaced Jews. This became a movement to unite displaced Jews and settle them in Palestine. (Israel)
Then there was war...
Before the Holocaust...
Anti-Semitism: hatred towards the Jews.
Many people believed that Jews were an
inferior race of people. Some races even
held Jews accountable for the death of
Jesus Christ. This feeling of hatred did NOT
go away and therefore anti-Semitism grew
tremendously and thus the attack began.
European government did two things
to restrict the Jews: they did NOT allow them
to on property and restricted the number of Jews that could attend college.
Riding the world of the "Jewish problem"...
Anti-Semitism: when
Hitler came into power
hatred towards the Jews
grew even stronger.
Eventually Jews left the
Ghettos and were shipped
to concentration camps.
Concentration camps:
large prisons used to
However...there were people already
living in Palestine...the Arabs!! This issue
became a problem as more and more
Jewish immigrants migrated to Palestine. To
please the Arabs the British stopped supporting Zionism.
With both the Jews and the Arabs
laying religious claim to the land
a war between the two religious
and or ethnic groups emerged
known as the Palestine-Arab war!
The 1948 war over land and religion! Israel was able to defend itself against Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. In fact, Israel won even more land than originally sought after.
Why and how was the modern
State of Israel created?
1. Religious connection
4. U.N. vote May 14th 1948
5. Modern State of Israel created.
6. War between Palestine and Arabs.
7. Jews win!
The Big Change!!!
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