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Wayne Williams

No description

Molly Laird

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams
For the killing of over 25 black males. Wanted A. The dog hair was removed from five of the victims.
B. The hair was DNA tested to compare to Williams german Shepard mix.
C. This is individual evidence because the dog has unique DNA. This shows that Williams dog was around the victims, or had been rubbed onto the victim from another surface. A problem with this evidence is it means the dog was somewhere around the victim, not Williams himself
D. This relates to the hair testing we did in class. This also relates to when we studied DNA.

Evidence 1- Dog Hair A. Yellowish Green carpet fibers were collected from victims bodies.
B. This evidence helped narrow down the number of possible victims.
C. This evidence was not substantial. It is class evidence because the fibers were manufactored and sold to many customers. The problem with this evidence is there is no way to prove it was Williams carpet.
D. This relates to the unit we discussed on fibers. Evidence 2- Fibers A. Police staked out the Chatahoochee River waiting for someone to dump another body.
B. Wayne WIlliams was caught dumping something into the river.
C. This evidence is not very substantial. This is individual evidence because Wayne was seen and stopped at the bridge. The problem with this evidence is the police did not see what was thrown off the bridge. Williams told the police it was trash.
D. This evidence pertains to our unit about witnesses and placing a person at the scene of the crime. Evidence 3- Police Witness A. The body of Nathaniel Cater was found in the Chatahoochee River.
B. The body was found two days after the police saw Williams at the river, and the victim had been dead for two days.
C. This is substantial evidence because it was the victim's body. It is class evidence because it reduces the possible suspects to someone who was at the river two days before hand. The problem with this evidence is it is only circumstantial and it cannot be proven if Williams dumped the body into the river
D. This evidence relates to the time of death unit. Evidence 4- Victims Body A. The evidence was collected in the police department.
B. Williams was questioned about his intentions the night he was found on the bridge. The polygraph test showed deception on all three tests that were given.
C. This evidence is not very substantial because these tests are unreliable. The tests are individual evidence because they were conducted on Williams. The inaccuracy of these tests are the problem with this evidence.
D. This relates to the unit we studied on witnesses. Evidence 5- Polygraph Tests http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/forensics/WayneBWilliams.php
http://murderpedia.org/male.W/w/williams-wayne-photos-2.htm Bibliography Investigators finding the body in the river Police Preparing to search williams house for fibers William's Dog
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