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Does Water Float On Water?

No description

Adeline Landrum

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Does Water Float On Water?

This experiment was conducted to test if water in the liquid state will float on other water in the liquid state. If it does or doesn't, why is that and what factors contribute to those results?
Independent Variables: temperature and if salt was used

Dependent Variables: if the water floats

Controlled Variables: type of salt used, amount of salt used, and type of water used (tap or filtered)
After reading information on my topic and what factors can have an affect on my results, I believe that fresh water will float on salt water. Additionally, I believe that the salinity will have a greater effect on this event than the water's temperature.
Control Group: Salt Water

Experimental Groups: Water with different temperature and water with different salt content
With this experiment, it is important to be comfortable with the bottle flipping technique in order to reduce the risk of injury, especially when working with hot water.
Sample Size
In order to be sure that my results were consistent, I conducted both parts of this experiment three times each.
Does Water Float On Water?
Adeline Landrum
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