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Improved Self Awareness Through Service Learning

Moab, Utah 2013

Shelby Wilkerson

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Improved Self Awareness Through Service Learning

By: Nathan Huff & Shelby Wilkerson Improving Self Awareness Through Service Learning and Leadership Johari Window Positive Feedback:Nathan, your voice was strong, and well heard today. I knew I could count on you to lead us in the right direction today. When I had a question you were there waiting with an answer.
Constructive Feedback: While working in the trails today Scott was telling the group some great stories, however instead of letting us break to listen you made sure we stayed on task. Try to be more open and creative with your time. Turn everything into a learning experience. Feedback... SERVICE BLM TRAIL MIX TRAIL BUILDING Feedback Around the Fire FENCING WHY DOES IT MATTER? > 100% OF THE WORK IMPACTED MOAB RECREATION > 98% OF MOAB REVENUE COMES FROM RECREATION SCOTT SANDY JEFF DENNIS Join the EWU Service Learning Club learn about local and long distance volunteer and service opportunities
learn about feedback, leadership and self-awareness
create new friendships
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