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Will and Sebastian

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Will and Sebastian

King Charles II founded North Carolina in 1663 because he granted a charter to start a colony, which was North Carolina.
Colonial History
Types of Economy
North Carolina had many plantations and farms. It had an excellent cash crop and many farmers. North carolina had one good water port for ships. In many of the plantations and farms were slaves that worked in them. It had a great economy from all of the farms.
People that live in the colony
Thank you!
Reasons Founded
King Charles II noticed the effort of eight noblemen that had helped him gain the throne of England back, so in return he gave them the Province of Carolina. There was lots of open land and flields for farming and jobs.
Why People Want to Settle in our Colony
Our colony has lots of land to give away. There is lots of open fields to grow crops for farms like tobacco. There is a lot cash crops in North Carolina like tobacco. There are also plenty of plantations to work at. There are many protestant churches to worship your religion.
North Carolina
By: Will Shea and Sebastian Pardo
Types of Religion
The majority of people in North Carolina are Protestants. There were many churches in North Carolina for all of the different forms of protestant. It was mostly lutheran.
Most of the teenagers were apprentices. Many apprentices worked for blacksmiths and craftsmen. Slaves that were brought from Africa often worked in tobacco farms. Indentured servants worked for the people who paid for their journey to America. There was a very strong Lutheran presence in North Carolina so there were many churches made there.
The reason north carolina had a huge farmer population was because most of them had moved south from virginia. There were also many plantations and craftsmen as well as slaves that worked there.
The crown purchased North Carolina making it a royale colony. At first carolina was a single colony,but was then seperated.North Carolina was founded in 1663 by King Charles II.
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