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on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Brunei

Locati n
A research project by Otto Gray
Absolute Location
Brunei, sometimes referred to as
Brunei Darussalam (Brunei, abode of peace)
has a capital city called Bandar Seri
Begawan. The latitude and longitude
coordinates of Brunei's capital city are:
4 degrees north by 114 degrees east.
Brunei's capital
Relative locati n
Map of Brunei showing the country's boundaries.
The country of Brunei borders a single country- Malaysia-which encircles Brunei on three sides. Brunei and Malaysia share the relatively large island of Borneo( which is in fact, the third largest island in the world)with the nation of Indonesia. Brunei's marine boundaries include the South China Sea. Malaysia's Sarawak state surrounds Brunei.
Brunei's Flag
Brunei's flag was adopted on September 29, 1959. The national emblem of Brunei is located in the center of the flag. The national emblem contains an umbrella and a flag, which symbolize royalty, a mast, which represents the state, a crescent, for Islam, and two hands for the government's benevolence.
Look! It's Brunei!
Physical characteristics of Brunei
Here is my bibliography:

Brunei's highest point is Bukit Pagon, which stands at 1,850 meters tall, pictured below. Brunei's lowest point is simply sea level (the South China Sea).
There are large mangroves growing along Brunei's coastal plains. Inland, to the west, there are hilly lowlands, and in the east, there are a few small mountains. More than 70% of the total land area of Brunei are tropical rainforests
Brunei is the 173rd largest country in the world, which means that it is really one of the smallest. Brunei's total area is 5,756 square kilometers (5,265 on land, 500 square kilometers on the water). Brunei is slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Delaware. Brunei has 266 kilometers of land boundaries with Malaysia and a coastline of 161 kilometers.
Brunei's coastline
-Arable land: 0.76%
-Permanent crops: 1.14%
-Other: 98.1%
-Irrigated Land: 10 square kilometers
Rice field in Brunei
The cities of Brunei are largely built upon a layer of bedrock consisting of shale, sandstone, and clay. Brunei also has many white sand beaches along the country's coast. The color of the beaches comes from silica.
Bukit Pagon
A Bruneian beach
The waterways of Brunei
There are four major rivers in the country of Brunei. The largest river is the Belait, while the Temburong is the smallest. the Brunei and Tutong rivers also run through Brunei. Brunei's largest lake is Tasek Marimbun.
Brunei's largest lake: Tasek Marimbun.
Brunei's largest river, the Belait.
The Brunei river.
Brunei's smallest river, the Temburong.
Brunei's Tutong River.
Brunei International Airport
Bruneian offshore oil rig.
Brunei's exports account for 11.38 billion dollars. Brunei's major exports are: crude oil, natural gas, and garments. Brunei's export partners are: Japan (49.9%), South Korea (17%), Australia (8.2%), India (6.8%), Indonesia (5.7%), Vietnam (5.7%), Thailand (4.8%), and New Zealand (4.5%).
Brunei's imports cost around 4.308 billion dollars. Brunei's major imports are: iron and steel, motor vehicles, machinery and transport equipment, manufactured goods, food, and chemicals. Brunei's import partners are: Singapore (28.6%), China (22.1%), U.K. (18.9%), Malaysia (10.8%), U.S. (7.2%).
Transp rtation
Brunei has one airport, the Brunei international airport.
Brunei international airport
Brunei also has 3 heliports. Brunei has a total of 3,029 kilometers in roadways, 2,425 kilometers of which are paved, 604 kilometers of which are not.
Human Environment Interaction
Carelessly dumped waste
Brunei's climate is tropical, hot, humid, and rainy. There are average temperatures from 79-95 degrees Fahrenheit. There is little seasonal variation in Brunei, but rains are heaviest from September to January.
There are few natural disasters in Brunei, though there can occasionally be heavy rains. There is an average of over 100 inches of precipitation each year in Brunei, and in some places the average can be greater.
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Rainy jungle in Brunei.
There is not a very large amount of pollution problems in Brunei. Logging, besides for specifically local purposes is illegal. Forest conservation is very important to Bruneians, and when trees are chopped down, new ones are usually planted.
Open burning and waste dumping are two illegal practices that negatively impact Brunei's environment.
A woman Illegally openly burns waste.
The people of Brunei try to maintain healthy environments in their country in order to attract ecotourists, people that wish to view environments in various locations in the world. Tourism also helps Brunei's economy.
A group of Bruneians wave their country's flag.
Brunei's currency is the Bruneian dollar. The exchange rate (Bruneian dollars per U.S dollar) is 1.244. Brunei's GDP per capita is 77,700 dollars.
One Bruneian dollar.
Brunei is home to several fascinating animal species. One amazing animal native to Brunei is the proboscis monkey. There are about 10,000 Proboscis monkeys in Brunei. Proboscis monkeys have long noses, a large belly and, orange-brown fur. They can swim, and mostly stay above the ground.
A proboscis monkey.
Yet another Bruneian animal- the pangolin.
Another animal that may be found in Brunei- the giant mudskipper, a fish that lives both in and out of the water.
Here is a plant from Brunei- the Rafflesia plant, sometimes called the "queen of parasites." It is a parasite on other plants that can sometimes measure 3 feet in diameter, and smells repulsive.
The tapir, civet, over 100 species of bats, gibbons, langur monkeys, and the carnivorous pitcher plant call Brunei home as well.
Brunei does not have many unique dishes, but one dish, called ambuyat, made from the powdered pith of the sago tree mixed with water is popular in Brunei.
Data and Facts
-Brunei's population is about 422,675. The population of Brunei's capital, Bandar Seri Bagawan is about 241,000, over half the total population of Brunei.
-Malay is Brunei's official language. Certain Chinese dialects, as well as English are also spoken.
-The majority of Bruneians are Sunni Muslims (78.8%). Other minority religious groups include Buddhists, Christians, and those who follow indigenous beliefs.
G vernment
The chief of state, head of government, prime minister and sultan of Brunei is currently sir Hassanal Bolkiah. The type of government is a constitutional sultanate (Malay Islamic Monarchy).The current sultan is the 29th sultan in the 600 year old Brunei dynasty. Hassanal Bolkiah has been the sultan since October 5, 1967.
Hassanal Bolkiah is now 68, and has 12 children, 5 sons and 7 daughters. He enjoys playing polo (and owns 200 polo horses) and owns about 6,000 cars. He was born on July 15, 1946.
Because the majority of Brunei's population are muslims, muslim holidays are celebrated throughout Brunei, such as Ramadan. National holidays include New Year's Day, National day (February 23), Chinese New Year is celebrated because there is a large population of Chinese people that live in Brunei, and Christmas Day, celebrated by the christians in the country.
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