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All About Me

No description

Sarah Shewaye

on 17 January 2015

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Transcript of All About Me

Basic Information
Artsy Hobbies
I also really like cats
Other Pastimes
Things I'm Really Into Right Now
All About Me
By Sarah A. Shewaye
Full Name: Sarah Abebe Shewaye
Age: 14
Birthday: February 1st
Previous Schools: Rawlinson P.S.
and Forest Hill P.S.
Grade: 9 (duh)
I like to think that I am a pretty artistic person and so majority of my free time (when I'm not on the internet) is taken up by doing creative things.
Some of my artsy hobbies include:
Singing, songwriting, acting, dancing, drawing, decorating, designing, writing, playing the piano, violin, and ukulele.
I play four instruments: piano, violin, ukulele, and flute. Five instruments if you count vocal.
However I'm not artsy all the time. I do enjoy other activities as well. Here are some other things I like to do:

Reading, watching things on Netflix, hanging out with my sister and brother, playing (and mostly sucking at) video games, and playing with/ annoying my cat.

I do most of these when I'm avoiding completing my work.
-Feb. 1st 2000
I am born (you're welcome)
I move to Hamilton
I move back to Toronto
I start school
- Sept. 2006
I start first grade at Rawlinson P.S.
- Aug. 2009
I'm diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
- May 2010
I pass the gifted test
-Sept. 2010
I start school at Forest Hill and met Nathalie
-May 2011
I take part in my first musical
- May 2013
I meet the love of my life (I get my cat)
-May 2013
I get my glasses
-May 2012
I have my first violin performance
- Jan. 2014
I pass the IB test and recieve acceptance from VRA
-Aug. 27 2014
I go to orientation and meet some of you for the first time
-Sept. 2014
I start school at VRA
-Jan. 2015
I'm presenting my "All About Me"
I love reading a lot. Even though I don't get to read as much anymore I always get excited when I have a book to read.
I read anything from novels to manga, to short stories, to comics.
my favourite book of all time is called, The Ordinary Princess.
A few that come close are A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Dark Powers Trilogy, and basically any Deadpool comic.
Another passion of mine is drawing.This is another thing I don't get to do so much but absolutely love.
Specifically I enjoy sketching.
I draw anything from cats, to comic book characters, to the people in my life.
This also includes things like design. I used to do a lot of fashion designing, and got inspiration from fashion shows and my favourite clothing stores. I hope one day I'll be able to design and make my own clothes and for my friends and family.
This will also help for cosplay
Well I'm assuming that by now most of you know that I have a really big passion for music.
Music has been a part of my life since before I can remember. My mom herself was part of a famous church choir with her family. Even today my uncle is a very famous musician. So I definitely get my passion from her side of the family.
I also plan to start a YouTube channel this year
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