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Elizabethan Era

Project for Language Arts

Trey Rachal

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Elizabethan Era

Elizabethan Era The Era The Queen The Theater The First plays were done in the yards of inn's
James Barburg made the first Elizabethan amphitheater
Theaters were converted from inn's
Profit dropped during winter months
People loved going to the theater
Theater was a big business The Kids Life Kids went to school from 6 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week!

Marbles, Hopscotch, Blind Man's Buff and any sort of ball games were common

Boys wore dresses until they were 3 to 7

Be careful, for kids who were out after dark, they could be attacked and have their hair cut off for wigs!
School was for mainly boys, as girls were not as high in society The Ranks The highest rank in the Elizabethan era was Monarch
Next was Nobility
Laborers The Food There were different foods for different classes
Meat was for higher ranked families
New foods from the Americas' were introduced
Wine and ale was commonly consumed as water was not clean
Sugar was being more commonly used The Culture Music is a big part of Elizabethan culture. It was mainly used as a form of entertainment at holiday parties and other special events.
The clothing that Elizabethan people wore are far from what we wear now. Most people wore sleeves that were not attached to their shirts and women wore more underclothes than outerwear. www.bardweb.net The Life The Women in England at the time had very little rights compared to men. They did not go to school or become doctors.
Some people were entertainers, like acrobats, and some were laborers, like butlers.
There were many holidays in the Elizabethan era, some that we still celebrate today, like Valentines Day.
There were many different types of entertainment, parties, and festivals like feasts and plays in the globe theater.
Some activities that were considered sports were hunting, hawking, and hammer throwing. Elizabethan doctors wore long cloaks and bird masks and looked very creepy.
During the Elizabethan Era, there were many fatal sicknesses and diseases like the Bubonic Plague and Typhoid.
Elizabethan doctors kept oil in the beaks of their bird masks and always kept dried blood and mashed frog handy. The Illness and Medicine The Queen
The Theater
The Kids Life
The Ranks
The Food
The Culture
The Life
The Illness and Medicine Queen Elizabeth I reigned for 45 years
She ate so many sweets that her teeth turned black
The reason that Queen Elizabeth I looks so young in her pictures is that if an artist painted a portrait of her that she liked all of the other artists followed
She was never meant to be Queen
People did not like her because she was Protestant Wikipedia.org http://www.elizabethan-portraits.com/Various_6.htm goingtolondon.wikispaces.com The Bibliography "Elizabethan Era." ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation, Web. 07 Feb. 2013.
"Elizabethan Era." The Lost Colony. . Web. 07 Feb. 2013.
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