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Howard Shore

No description

Piotr Skora

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Howard Shore

Hugo Corbet is a 12 years old boy living in the walls of the Paris railway station. After the deaht of his father, he´s teached by his oncle on reparing mechanical devices. Then, it starts a long and exciting adventure where Hugo is the main character, with the famous Georges Meliés and Isabelle, his daugher.
This movie, is a great homage for the firsts movies, whose no much people remind.

The lord of the rings
Based on the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, it´s a trilogy of films. All of these movies, have the music composed by Howard Shore, and they are considerate his most famous work. They´re directed by Peter Jackson, and the main character is interpreted by Elijah Wood.
The story describes a fantastic world, and the fight for save it of the "Enemy" destroying his Ring of Power. This Ring can give to the Enemy the power to turn the world into darkness.
Howard Shore, and his music
The third important work of Howard that we want to show you, is this film. Based again on the J.R.R. Tolkien´s book, this first part of the story tells us about the adventures of Bilbo Baggins. He lives in the Shire, and he belong to the rase of hobbits. It shows us the same fantastic world of the Lord of the Rings, but sixty years ago.
Howard, is a composer. He make music for different movies. He´s 67 years old, and he was born in Canada. Howard has already won three Oscars, four Grammy´s and three Golden Globe because of his great compositions. Here, we describe three of his movies, we hope that you´ll enjoy them =)
Howard Shore
Directed by Martin Scorsese, Hugo won 5 Oscars. It was a great surprise in the movies world, because of his topic. I leave you a song from the film.
The Return of the king
And finally, the last part of the trilogy. It tells us about the detroy of the Ring and the restore of the most important human kindom: Gondor. The final fight for freedom and light against the darkness is already begin.
The two towers
The second part of the trilogy, shows us the difficults that Sauron (The Enemy) put in the characters way. It tells the fight for the Kingdom of Rohan, and the founding of Gollum by Frodo and his friend Sam. That film was awarded by 2 Oscars.
The fellowship of the ring
It tell the story of the founding of the Ring by Bilbo Baggins and the start of the adventure of Frodo, the Ring Bearer. The film starts in Shire, the land of the hobbits (a small and strange rase of the Middle Earth). You´re listening the main theme of this movie while you´re seeing this Prezi.
The Hobbit: An unexpected journey
The Hobbit, An unexpected journey, was directed by Peter Jackson, and the main character, Bilbo, is interpreted by Martin Freeman. The movie was made in New Zeland, USA and UK. Here you are the music of the film.
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