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No description

Johnson's Class

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of vanessza

vanessza's presentation
Topic 1
my name is Vanessza i am 8 yers old i like school and Summer i like summer becouse my birthday is in that and in the 21 and i live in canada and i like the color is red
Topic 2
i like the Pool and my best friend is abisha Athena my teacher is mr. johnson he teacher g.r2 and g.r3 and 23 kids in the casll
Topic 3
and i like summer a lot and i have a lot aof friends and i like gem with ms. sexton and i love to run my birthday is in june the 21 and i love to ride my bike.
Topic 4
i am in g.r 3 some of tne boys and girls in my class are in g.r 2 my schools name is joseph brant public school i love that and in g.r 2 i was on TV.on CP24 i like that justin bieber never say never.
Topic 5
my favourite food in hat dag
Topic 6
Topic 7
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