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White Board Prezumé by Tuong Anh Pham Nguyen

No description

Tuong Anh Pham Nguyen

on 22 July 2013

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Tuong Anh Pham Nguyen

Team Bumblebee

The environment is polutted by chemicals,
biologicals, radiated, noices, ... The environment is harmful to human's and other's health.
Presently, in Vietnam, the forest cover is less than 40%, the primitive forest area is 10%.
Deforestation always happens because human perception, exploit without plan, management activities of forest management is weak, ...
According to the red list of species of plants and animals in the world are endangered updated in 02.07.2013, nearly 21,000 species are in danger of disapearing from the Earth.
The animals are endangered because of destruction of habitat, pollution, hunting and fishing, exotic species ...
- Sponsoring an animal.
- Volunteers in organizarion, zoos.
- Restore animals' habitats.
- ...
- People should plan trees.
- Consumers should use recycling things.
- Countries need strict management.
- ...
- Turn off the lights and all the electronics when unneeded.
- Use the electric wisely.
- ...
According to calculations energy planning national development, from 2010 to 2020 Vietnam will unbalance between the ability to provide and demand for electricity. Vietnam is the country from export the electric to import the electric.
Human use the electricity in indiscriminately ways. We forget to turn off our lights and other electronics when we do not use them.
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