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Computerized Supreme Student Government Election System Usin

No description

debrah pales

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Computerized Supreme Student Government Election System Usin

The following reasons why we conducted the study:

* Time consuming in voting
* Time consuming in tabulating the results
* Interruption of student classes
* Inaccurate results
* Costly (paper, ink, pencil, marker)

The objectives in conducting the proposed system are the following:

In terms of Security
* Reduce Human Error
* Fraud Prevention
* Stability of Network Connection

Background of the study
Computerized Supreme Student Government Election System Using Biometric of Palompon Institute of Technology in Palompon, Leyte

The Palompon Institute of Technology (PIT) is a state college in the Philippines. One of the services that they impart us is handled by the Supreme Student of Government, the social events that are intended to students is set up and managed by this organization, they are consists of respected, responsible and diligent officers that are selected by the student body.
Conceptual Framework
Evaluation of the Respondents on the Security of the Computerized Supreme Student Government Election

It provides a brief description of the research method that our group utilized in the conduct of the study. It includes the research design, population, sampling size, and sampling technique, research instrument, description of respondents, data gathering procedure and statistical treatment of data.
* Credibility of the system in the electoral process
* Safeness of voters identity

In terms of Speed:
* No difficulty in voting
* Fast in verifying voters identity

In terms of Cost:
* Paperless
* Personal expenses (ink and marker)

Theoretical Framework
According to BARBARA SIMONS, as a result of the Florida 2000 election fiasco, some people concluded that paper ballots simply couldn’t be counted. Instead, paperless computerized voting systems (known as direct recording electronic systems, or DREs) were touted as the solution to “the Florida problem.” Replacing hanging chads with 21st century technology, proponents claimed, would result in accurate election counts and machines that were virtually impossible to rig. Furthermore, with nothing to hand-count and no drawn-out recounts to worry about, computerized voting systems were expected to enable the reporting of results shortly after the polls had closed.

Evaluation of the Respondents on the Speed of the Computerized Supreme Student Government Election System
The researchers had undertaken the following procedures for the successful completion of this study.
* Conducting Interview
* Gathering and Ordering of Data
* Identifying Software for the Research Study
* Software Designing
* Encoding and Coding
* Testing and Debugging
* Evaluation
Evaluation of the respondents of the Cost of the Computerized Supreme Student Government Election System
1. The manual voting System, much time, costly, in accurate, interrupt classes and more commission of election officers involved.
2. The proposed voting system reduced human error, can prevent fraud and the safeness of voters identity.
3. The proposed voting system is fast in verifying voter’s identity and there are no difficulties in voting.
4. The proposed voting system saves power and personal expenses.


1. The Computerized Supreme Student Government Voting System should be use or adopt next School Year 2014-2015.
2. The Supreme Student Government officers should have an interaction with the system programmers in order to have thorough re-orientation training on how to operate the said system.
3. The Supreme Student Government office should provide computer facilities that will cater the computerized Supreme Student Government voting system.
4. The Supreme Student Government should have back-up copy of the system in terms of natural disaster, human errors and intruders.

Outcomes of the study
Therefore, the researchers developed a COMPUTERIZED SUPREME GOVERNMENT ELECTION SYSTEM USING BIOMETRIC that is reliable, secure and not time consuming to the voters and helps the Commission on Student Election.
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