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Superpower Rivlaries

No description

Valentina C

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Superpower Rivlaries

Nuclear Weapons and Europe Superpower Rivalries Beginnings of the Cold War USA bombs Japan:
Nagasaki Nuclear Arms Race Russia and US build up stockpiles of Nuclear Weapons
Nuclear testing
Arms race may have led to the end of the war 1960: MAD
1981: USA- 8,000 ICBM's; Russia- 7,000
1981: USA-4,000 bomb dropping planes; Russia-5,000 bomb dropping planes defense using deterrence
hydrogen bomb Cuban Missile Crisis Missiles in Cuba aiming at USA
Used as protection in case of American attack
1969 Space Missiles NASA is established
Missiles that can carry warheads into space are invented Fear Around the World Red Scare- USA
Bomb shelters The Cold War in Other Countries Vietnam War
Berlin Wall
Communism in Cuba Attempts at Peace Military Alliances: NATO & SEATO
nonaligned nations Early Arms Control 1955- President Eisenhower: spy knowledge through planes
Soviets- nuclear disarmament
Kennedy- limitation of nuclear weapons to slow advance of technology ATTEMPTS AT ARM CONTROL SALT's 1968- Richard Nixon USA President: wanted detente
SALT II Later Ronald Reagan suggests missile defense
RR suggests arms reduction
tension begins to decrease between USA and USSR How did the tension between the Superpowers USSR and the USA progress during the Cold War? Citations: Disney Propaganda- Wartime Spirit. N.d. Video. YoutubeWeb. 24 Apr 2013. <
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“Superpower Rivalries”. World History Human Legacy. United States: Holt Rinehart Winston, 2008.480-489. Print.
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