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home automation

project report

mena mac

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of home automation

Home automation
Android group
Arduino group
The goal of the project
Is to provide a full control to the home devices such as (TV, AC, Light System, etc.) to the remote user over the wireless internet work or /and the GSM network.
The project phases
• Phase1: user interface (android program).
• Phase2: receiving the control order.
• Phase3: the control process.
• Phase4: the connection between the control unit and the devices.
• Phase5: a monitoring system.
The project groups
• Android group.
• Arduino group.
• Electronics group.
New working plan
We are going to marge the Arduino group with the android group for the following reasons:
• The two groups are closely related “one’s work is based on the other“
• To give the android group an insight of how the control process is going, which will allow them to complete their work.
We are going to add a new task to the electronics group
Electronics group
The goals of this group is
• Provide the necessary reviews for any components in the market (Arduino, shields, GSM, WIFI, sensors, etc.).
• Provide a project survey.
• Provide the necessary PCB circuit design (IR Receive/Transmit/Test circuit, optic coupler, etc.).
• Make any necessary search for the entire group.
What we achieved so far
• A complete review to the GSM shield.
• A complete review to the Ethernet shield.
• 60% of the project survey are done.
New tasks
• Develop a software (Arduino program) to connect a GSM shield at the control device to the user mobile device “to send simple massages in case of emergency “
Our next move is
• To design and implement IR Rec./TR./Test circuit compatible with the Arduino pored.
The goals of this group is
• Is to design and implement a simple, user friendly program to manage the entire control system.
What we achieved so far
• We start by first learning the basic XML programing.
• We have done the LAYOUT “
subject to changes in the future
Our next move is
• We are going to merge with the Arduino group.
• We are going to work together on the next phase of the project which is “
connect the user mobile device to the Arduino
• Number of our group members is going to take a workshop about the android during the vacation.
• Also we online learning level-2 of the android.
The goals of this group is
• Develop an idea about how the control process will goes A to Z.
• Find a solution of how a control device will receive order from the outside world.
• Find a solution of how the control device will give order to the outside world.
• Manage the programming process in the control part of our project.
• Choose the proper devices for the control part (control device, shields, etc…).
What we achieved so far
• We choose and bought our control device in addition to other practicing devices.
• We find a solution of how to receive an order from a usual remote control, store this order and resend it whenever we want. (required task)
(This task has been successfully done software and hardware and we try it for a TV and a satellite receiver and it work both times)
Further details about how we get hear
• We started by choosing Arduino yun over the other available options
(has more serial Tx and Rx ,wifi , Ethernet, Card Reader and 400MHz
clock )
• We work on our required task until it ‘s done with a few technical problem we work on it which is :
o The IR LED doesn’t get enough current ,so we have to make it really close to the device to work __ for now __
o The code only work to store and resend one code (we intend to multiply that of course )
Our next move is
• Finding a solution of how the outside world will gives order to the control device.
• Multiplex our code to work for more than just one order.
thank you
:the team
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