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Next Level Performance

No description

Anya Salzgeber

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of Next Level Performance

Next Level Performance
The Big Picture
Next Level Performance aims to help people achieve their mental potential in an effort to maintain or increase performance. Next Level Performance looks to work collaboratively with performers and organizations to support and promote a growth mindset.
The Details
Next Level Performance would be a small LLC with the potential to expand as the need increases.
The End Result
“Anya is fantastic to talk to. She creates a safe environment. I know no matter the subject, she is willing to listen. I recommend her to anyone in need” – Hayley Johnson, collegiate swimmer
Don't dream of being the best. Work for it.
Thank You!
What's the timeline?
"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise,
just like muscles of the body."
- Lynn Jennings
"I figure practice puts your brains
in your muscles." - Sam Snead
Money Matters
Who does this help?
Next Level Performance will work with athletes, performers and organizations hoping to improve their level of performance in Steamboat & the surrounding areas
The main funding needed would be for minimal office equipment, marketing materials, and supplies for sessions. Because the development would be gradual, personal financial support will not be necessary for quite some time and all the money made can go back into the business.
The Numbers
Sales Forecast: $15,820

Net operating income: $6,461 (highest)

Breakeven: $6,940
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