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No description

Brandon Pezzuto

on 13 April 2016

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Transcript of Mitosis

Mitosis (Cell Division)
Susan B. Anthony Middle School
7th Grade Life Science
Mr. Pezzuto
Students will be able to draw a
diagram of a complete Cell Cycle
and be able to explain the events
of each stage.
The Largest portion of the cell cycle
Not a part of Mitosis, prepares cell for division
75% of a cell's life
G1, S, G2
1st phase of mitosis
Replicated DNA condenses
nuclear membrane disappears
micro tubules are present at opposisite ends of the cell.
the shortest phase of mitosis
chromosomes line up at the middle of the cell (metaphase plate)
microtubules (made from an organelle called centrioles) attach to the centromeres
microtubules pull the chromosomes apart toward opposite ends (poles) of the cell.
Both pieces of DNA are identical
A nuclear membrane begins to form
Microtubules break down
The cell is almost split in two
The cells are completely divided
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