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JIM CARREY presentation

No description

Blanca Aracil Alba

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of JIM CARREY presentation

Ontario, January 17, 1962

He has three older siblings

He is known for his slapstick perfomances
His father encouraged him and he began working in a cabaret in Toronto.

He moved to Los Angeles and he began performing at the Comedy Store when he was 20
Early Career
He did not experience true stardom until Ace ventura, 1994, despite it was very criticized by the media.
Why Jim Carrey?
We have chosen Jim Carrey because he has been making us laugh since we were born.

We like him especially because of the amount of his expressive faces
jim carrey
He has been married twice.

He first got married with the actress Melissa wormer and he had his first daughter, jane carrey,

They got divorced and he married Lauren Holly

Ace ventura
Jim Carrey is the comic better paid in the history of cinema. Thanks to his role in Liar Liar, he won 20 million dollars
When his father died, he filled the coffin with money so that he had what he had not had when he was alive


When he was in school he had a deal with the teachers, if he behaved well they let him act for everyone for a minute at the end of the day

He is the actor with more MTV movie awards
Definetely, people consider him a great actor because we have fell about laughing in many movies, but also he has shown that he is capable of being serious, without wild gesticulations or funny faces as we have seen in the truman show, he has talent.

In the Grinch it took the makeup artists 3 hours to characterize the character of Jim.
Liar Liar
Golden Globe for best dramatic actor in 1999 for his role in The Truman Show .
Golden Globe for best musical or comic actor in 2000 for his role in Man on the Moon
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