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One Direction

No description

Maddie McGuirk

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of One Direction

By Maddie McGuirk
One Direction
Louis Tomlinson
Liam Payne
Harry Styles
Niall Horan
Zayn Malik
Louis is 21 years old and is 5”9.
His middle name is William
His birthday is Christmas Eve in 1991.
He LOVES carrots.
He wouldn’t date a girl younger than 17
He has a girlfriend, Eleanor Calder.
His favourite colour is red
He can play the piano.
The boys thought Louis was quiet when they first met.
While filming WMYB Louis sent a message in a bottle.
This is a quote from Louis "some people say our fans are crazy, but the lads and I think their passionate."
Louis Tomlinson
Liam is 18 years old and is 5”10.
Liam's birthday is August 29, 1993.
His star sign is Virgo.
His middle name is James
He wouldn’t date a girl younger then 14.
His favourite colour is purple.
He used to wear girl clothes.
He thinks dedicated fans are the best.
He cant live without his hair wax.
Liam has a fear of spoons.
If Liam wasn't in the band he would work in a factory building airplanes.
Liam used to skip school to get away from being bullied by his classmates.
If Liam could make an ice-cream flavour it would be Krispy-Kreme flavoured.
Liam Payne
Harry is 18 years old and is 5”10.
His birthday is February 1, 1994.
He wouldn't date a girl younger then 14.
He likes a girl that smiles.
If you straightened his hair, he would cry.
His favourite colour is pink.
If Harry wasn't in the band he would be at university studying and would work in a bakery.
When Harry was younger he used to write on his toast with food colouring.
Harry's favourite song on the album is 'More Then This'.
Harry Styles
Especially koala's
One Direction loves animals!
Niall is 19 years old and is 5”7.
His birthday is September 13, 1993.
He wouldn’t date a girl younger than 14.
He wants to live at Nandos
His favourite colour is green.
Niall means champion.
He is the only member from Ireland.
If Niall wasn't in the band he would be a sound engineer.
Niall sings loud in the shower.
With all the money Niall has made, he bought his mum a new car.
Niall's favoutrite song on the album is 'One Thing'.
Niall Horan
Zayn Malik
Zayn is 19 years old and is 5”9.
His birthday is 12th January, 1993.
He wouldn't date a girl younger than 16.
His favourite colour is blue.
He smokes but he wants to stop.
His secret talent is drawing
He cries when watching chick flicks.
Zayn has a tattoo on his chest which says his Grandfathers name, in Arabic.
If Zayn wasn't in the band he would be an English teacher.
Band Members
One Direction
The best Louis Tomlinson moments!
One Direction Websites
One Direction Facts
On the 23rd of July in 2010.
Then Simon Cowell
Become a band and stay on the show, or to leave as soloists. So then One Direction was formed and they came third.
Three books released.
The First : 'One Direction: Forever Young (Our Official X Factor Story).
Debut UK tour, which sold out within 12 minutes.
Australian tour sold out in 3 minutes.
To hire One Direction, it would cost over £21,000!
In their 53:14min album 'Up All Night', Harry: 7:18min, Liam: 7:08min, Zayn: 5:38min, Louis: 1:29min, Niall: 1:24min.
Take Me Home
Why I chose One Direction
I chose One Direction because they are my favourite boy band! Their music is great to sing and dance along to. I love their English accents and I love them all together!! <3
One Direction
Little Things

Take Me Home: Yearbook Edition
Live While We're Young
Kiss You
Little Things
C'mon C'mon
Last First Kiss
Heart Attack
Rock Me
Change My Mind
I Would
Over Again
Back For You
They Don't Know About Us
Summer Love
She's Not Afraid
Loved You First
Nobody Compares
Still The One
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