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Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

No description

Joy Pan

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief The Ordinary World The Call to Adventure Approach the Innermost Cave The Mentor Friends, Allies & Enemies Crossing the Threshold The Reward Percy Jackson was not an average kid. He had dyslexia and ADHD, making school very difficult for him. His father had left him and his mother when he was a baby, and his mother remarried a foul man named Gabe Ugliano. Percy respects and loves his mother a lot so he stood up for her whenever Gabe treated her like a slave. He likes to be in the water, and he has one best friend- Grover- who was handicapped. He has a history of being kicked out of different schools each year. At a field trip to the Greek gallery for his Latin class, Percy was called over by his substitute teacher, Mrs. Dodds. When he walked in the room, Mrs. Dodds became a fury- one of many Greek mythological monsters. He was attacked and the fury kept asking where the lightning bolt was, but Percy had no idea what she was talking about. Mr. Brunner, his Latin teacher, came to his rescue and told Grover to take him back to the "camp". Grover takes him and his mom away and as they are driving to the camp, they are attacked by a Minotaur. They reach the Hollywood sign and on the letter H, someone wrote "Woe to all depraved souls" in Ancient Greek. Then a path opens up in the ground and they enter it. They come across a ferryman who takes them to Hades. After killing the Minotaur, Percy passes out but a few days later, he wakes up inside Camp Half Blood. There he meets Mr. Brunner in his real form, Chiron, and he meets other demigods too. Mr. Brunner and Grover guide Percy in training to become a proper demigod but they let him learn how to defend and fight by himself. Also, Mr. Brunner tells Percy about the "lightning thief" and that if Zeus' lightning bolt is not returned by the summer solstice, a war between the gods would arise. Hades blackmails Percy into giving him the lightning bolt in exchange for his mother, giving him until the summer solstice to do so. Chiron tries to stop Percy but he just sneaks out of the camp at night, Grover and Annabeth insisting on tagging along. They go to Luke for help and he gives them a map for to find three Pearls of Persephone so that they could get out of the Underworld. He also gives Percy his favourite shield because he says that they would need extra protection in their travels. As they were getting closer to the fireplace, Persephone takes the lighting bolt from Hades and she fires it at him, knocking him out. Then, she calls back the hellhounds and seals the fireplace. Persephone gives Percy back the lightning bolt and lets them free but they realized that they only had three pearls. One pearl only takes one person out of the Underworld and Grover said that it was his duty as Percy's protector to stay behind. As a result, Percy, Annabeth and Sally each took a pearl and left the Underworld. The Hero's Journey The Road Back Once they reached the Empire State Building, Percy began to say that it wasn't Olympus but Sally showed him the entrance. As they were about to enter, Luke flies in with his winged shoes and tries to take the bolt back before Percy can give it to Zeus before the deadline. Percy defeats him by controlling water in a nearby building's water tank and he makes it back to the Empire State Building with barely enough time until midnight. They take the elevator up to Olympus but Sally can't get through so she tells Percy to go and return the bolt. Restoring the World The Supreme Ordeal In Hades' lair, they were unhappily welcomed by three hellhounds, all of which were called back by Persephone. She took them to Hades who explains that having the lightning bolt would make him very powerful and so he would be able to overthrow his brothers and escape the underworld. Percy tries to tell Hades that he did not have the lightning bolt but he doesn't believe him and he throws an orb into the ground, releasing Sally from her prison. As Percy runs up to hug his mom, he drops his shield and a secret compartment opens to reveal the lightning bolt. Hades sees it and he calls Percy a liar and tells Persephone to feed them to the souls. She opens up the fireplace and calls the hellhounds so that they would be forced to fall into the fireplace of souls. Acceptance of the Call As Grover, Percy and Sally (Percy's mom) approach Camp Half Blood, the Minotaur gets closer. Grover and Percy cross the entrance of the camp easily but Sally is kept back by an invisible wall. She is not able to go in because she is not a demigod. Percy doesn't want to leave her and he tries to save her but the Minotaur takes his mother instead. As a result, Percy takes out the pen that Mr. Brunner gave him as a weapon and he kills the Minotaur with it. Camp Half Blood Grover Underwood Annabeth Chase Percy Jackson Luke Castellan Mr. Brunner/ Chiron Road of Trials Pearl #1: Aunty Em's Emporium belonged to Medusa. She tried turning them into stone but Percy defeated her and he stole the pearl from her bracelet. They wrapped her decapitated head in Grover's sweater for future uses.
Pearl #2: In the Parthenon in Nashville, they saw that the pearl was located on Athena's crown. They tried on the winged shoes (courtesy of Luke) to grab the pearl and when they did, the janitors turned into a hydra (another monster from Greek mythology). They couldn't defeat it by cutting its heads off because it would grow back two more heads in place of one. They defeated the hydra by turning it into stone using Medusa's head.
Pearl #3: The last pearl was located in the Lotus Casino in Vegas. There they stayed for 5 days because they were in a trance from the enchanted lotus flowers that they were eating. Once Percy realized that they were being trapped inside the casino, they tried to escape causing the employees of the Lotus Casino to try and stop them. Percy takes the pearl from one of the roulette tables and they steal the showcase car and make their way to Hollywood. Once Percy returned the lightning bolt to Zeus, there was peace between the gods again. Percy asked Zeus to save Grover from the Underworld because without him, the lightning bolt would not have been returned. He also told Zeus about Luke and how he wanted to start a war between the gods because of his hatred for the gods. Poseidon begs Zeus to let him talk to Percy for just a bit and he explains that although he's never been there throughout his life, he's been watching and guiding Percy when he needed it the most. Back at Camp Half Blood, Percy is congratulated and praised by his other camp members and he is scolded but he also says that Percy is now his favorite student. Later on, Percy sees Annabeth and the attraction between the two can be seen. Monsters Hydra Minotaur Medusa Mrs. Dodds/ Fury Percy Jackson is the apocalyptic hero because he goes on a quest to make sure that the gods do not start a war with each other. Apocalyptic Hero Loyal Retainer Grover is the loyal retainer because he protects Percy and he emanates Percy's hero characteristics. Mentor Chiron is Percy's mentor from the beginning because he gives Percy his sword, Riptide, to serve him in his quest. He also teaches Percy how to fight with swords and about the gods and demigods. The Platonic Ideal Annabeth is the platonic ideal because she is a source of inspiration to Percy. Also, she is both smart and beautiful to which Percy is attracted to. The Shape Shifter Luke is a shape shifter in the movie because he is seen to be helping Percy out in his quest in the beginning but it turns out that the only purpose for him doing so was to get Percy in trouble and start a war with the gods. Adults/ Gods Zeus Persephone Sally Jackson is the damsel in distress because she needs to be rescued by Percy. She is also used as a trap to lure Percy to the Underworld so that Hades could take the lightning bolt from him. Hades Sally Jackson Damsel in Distress Poseidon Supernatural Intervention The Enemy Devil Figure The Evil Figure with an Ultimately Good Heart Herald Creature of Nightmare Creature of Nightmare The Threshold Guardian The Quest Symbols: The Magical Weapon The Threshold Riptide Camp Half Blood Zeus' Master Bolt Heaven (Mount Olympus) vs. Hell (the Underworld) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief has a plot archetype of the Quest because of the fact that Percy was just a boy who was called on a task to return the lightning bolt that he was accused of having stolen. He then goes out on a quest to also find his mother who's being held captive by Hades. If Percy were to fail both his quest, a war would start between the gods of Olympus and his mother would be killed by Hades. Poseidon is the supernatural intervention because whenever Percy is in trouble, he speaks inside Percy's head and tells him what to do to help him out and basically save his life. Zeus is the enemy in this movie because he has the greatest power to destroy the rest of the gods of Olympus and even Percy and his loved ones if he is not pleased with the results of Percy's quest. Hades is the devil figure because he is the god of the Underworld so he is commonly depicted as some dark, evil, being. Persephone is the evil figure with an ultimately good heart because she looked like she sided with Hades at first, when he told her to open the fireplace, but she knocked out Hades and set Percy and the gang free. Mrs. Dodds/ the fury is the herald because if it did not attack Percy Jackson then Chiron would not have sent him to the camp, starting a whole chain of events leading to Percy's quest. Monster that threatens the life of Percy, Annabeth and Grover to stop them from getting one of Persephone's pearls. Threatens the life of Percy, Annabeth and Grover so that they would not be able to get one of Persephone's pearls to escape the Underworld. The Minotaur is the threshold guardian because it tested Percy's courage in killing it and his worthiness to enter Camp Half Blood. If Percy had been weak and did not defend himself against the Minotaur then it would have proved that he wasn't worthy to be a demigod hero, therefore not worthy to do his quest.
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