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International Food Fair: Italy

No description

Abenaya Sathyaseelan

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of International Food Fair: Italy

International Food Fair: It a ly Punctuality Punctuality Body Non-Verbal Communication "Ho fame"
"I'm hungry" "Ma cosa dici"
"What are you saying?"
"Non ci credo"
"I don't believe it" History Top Ten Attractions: Rome A tricolor featuring three equally sized vertical panes of green, white, and red
In use since June 19th 1946
Formally adopted on January 1st 1948
Proportion of 2:3 (Length: Width) Italian Flag Overview Common Interpretation:
Green: country's plains and the hills.
White: snow-capped Alps.
Red: Blood spilt in the Wars of Italian Independence.
Religious Interpretations:
Green: hope.
White: faith.
Red: charity. Flag Colours First official Italian tricolor, adopted on January 7th 1797
Proposal of deputy Giuseppe Compagnoni of Lugo. Italian Flag History Merge into the Cisalpine Republic and adopted the vertical square tricolor without badge in 1798. Italian Flag History Maintained until 1802, when it was renamed the Napoleonic Italian Republic
Adopted new flag
Red field carrying a green square within a white diamond Italian Flag History The Italian Republic was transformed into the first Napoleonic Kingdom of Italy, or Italico, under his direct rule.
The flag of the Kingdom of Italy was that of the Republic in rectangular form, charged with the golden Napoleonic eagle.
Hand shakes; warm and vigorous
Direct eye contact; aversion of the eye can be rude Greetings Location: Southern Europe
Capital: Rome
Climate: Predominantly Mediterranean; alpine in the far North, hot and dry in the far South
Population: 58, 057, 477
Religions: Predominantly Roman Catholic
Government: Republic Basic Information No chrysanthemums, red, or yellow flowers
Gifts of alcohol or crafts are often good choices.
Quality > Quantity Gift Giving No black, gold, or purple wrapping paper
Refrain from giving a business gift until you receive one first.
Gifts expected for social events Gift Giving continued
Fine pens, framed picture, silver key chain, or calculators are good.
Flowers or chocolates good for secretaries.
Never bring an even numbered bouquet. Gift Giving Continued
No gifts showcasing your company's logo, brooches, handkerchiefs, or sharp objects Gift Giving continued Composed in 1847 by Michele Novaro
Lyrics by Goffredo Mameli Italian National Anthem 3 Different Names
Its formal name is 'Inno di Mameli' - 'Mameli's hymn'
Il Canto degli Italiani' - 'The song of the Italian people'
'Fratelli d'Italia' - 'Brothers of Italy’ Italian National Anthem History Written in the shadow of war
Patriotic call to army with music to match.
Remind past battles for freedom.
Written in 1847, during the first battles for Italian unification. Italian National Anthem History First Provisionally accepted
Adopted as the Italian national anthem in 1946.
Declared official anthem by law in November 2005. Italian National Anthem History Italian Flag History Italian National Anthem Punctuality is taken very seriously
However, your Italian colleagues may not always be punctual "Stai attento"
"Pay attention" "Ma chi se ne frega"
"I don't care" "Sei fuori/pazzo?!"
"Are you mad?!" "Buono"
"Delicious" "Vado"
"I'm leaving" "Scordatelo"
"Forget about it"
Diversified industrial economy
– Developed Industrialized North economy
– Less developed, agricultural based South
High-quality consumer goods produced by small family owned business.
Huge underground economy in south, controls as much as 17% of economy!
Poor infrastructure
High Public Debt
Mafia is rooted in the political and socio-economic life.
Its origins can be traced back to the 19th
Private protection was historically needed in Sicily.
Mafia profits from economic
Provide high-interest loans to
individuals and businesses. Carlo Gambino
Biggest Bank in Sicily
Most profitable business
High interest Loans, Extortion, Drugs
Crime Families invest in legit businesses, real estate, corrupt police, and politicians
Italian exports dominated by automobiles and machinery.
Germany, France, Spain, and U.S. are Italy’s main export partners
Germany, France, China, Netherlands, Libya, and Russia are Italy’s import partners
Industry - 26.7%, Agricultural - 2%, Services - 71.3% (GDP)
Tourism is Italy’s biggest Employment sector,
employing nearly 30.7% of the workforce
Italy imports nearly 91% of its oil form other countries.
Most of oil comes from Libya (25 %), Russia (23 %), Saudi Arabia (13 %), and Iran (30%).
Third largest user of Renewable Energy in the E.U. Economy Overview Economy and the Mafia Economy and the Mafia International Trade Energy and Oil Dependancy Did you know?
Almost 20% of Italy's population is over 65 years old. Did you know?
The famous children's story, Pinocchio, was written by an Italian. Did you know?
The ice cream cone is an Italian invention. Did you know?
With almost 40 million visitors, Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world. Did you know?
Italy holds the Guiness record for having the most elevators. Considered a major European country
Main allies are the United
States, Russia, and Northern African countries Foreign Relations in Italy 1955 and is a member of the  North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO),  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), General Agreement on Tariffs and
Trade/World Trade Organization (GATT/WTO), 
EU in 1996, and the G8 in 2001 Foreign Relations in Italy 84% of Italians identifying themselves as Roman Catholic
Other Christian groups in Italy include Eastern Orthodox Christians, Greek Orthodox, Pentecostals and Evangelicals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Waldensians, Seventh-day Adventists, Mormons, Baptists, Lutherans and Methodists
The country's oldest religious minority is the Jewish 
Religious Beliefs in Italy  The Italian political system takes the form of a parliamentary democratic republic.
The Italian political system is divided into three parts: the Executive, the Chamber of deputy and the Senate.
Italy is one of the few countries in the world to have a President as well as a Prime Minister. Italian Politics Legislative power is vested in the parliament, consisting of the 630 member Chamber of Deputies and the 351 member Senate
Members of both chambers are elected for five year terms Several political parties operate together to form a coalition government.
Center-Right coalition: People of Freedom, Lega Nord
Center-Left coalition: Democratic Party, Italy of Values
Other non-allied parties: Future and Liberty Party, Union of the Center
The latest Italian election was held in 2008 and the next election will be held in 2013. Italy was the center of all mediterranean trading routes
There has been evidence of Neanderthals in the alpine regions of Italy around 8000 B.C.
Rome was founded by Romulus & Remus and was constructed in the heart of Estruscan Italy Brief History on Italy The country has been known for many things, such as its pizza, pasta
and wine! Italy is Known for... Colisseum is an amphitheatre in the centre of rome, italy, and is
capapble of seating 50 000 spectators!
Leaning tower of Pisa is the freestanding bell tower of the Cathedral
in the Italian city of Pisa! Famous Italian Landmarks Did you know?
Everyday 3,000 Euro get thrown into the Trevi Fountain Did you know?
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet was set in Verona, Italy. Did you know?
The literacy rate for the population of Italy is 98% Italian Politics Did you know?
Italy has a public health care system which ranks as the world's 2nd best. Italian Politics Did you know?
In 1454, a real human chess game took place in Marostica, Italy. Rather than fight a bloody duel, the winner of the chess game would win the hand of a beautiful girl. Fashion in Italy started to become the most fashionable in Europe since the 11th century, and powerful cities of the time, such as Venice, Milan, Florence, Vicenza and Rome began to produce robes, jewelry, textiles, shoes, fabrics, ornaments and elaborate dresses
Italian fashion reached its peak during the Renaissance Era
Today italy is known as the fashion country Rome was known as the fashion capital of the world ranked at 2nd behind France
Fashion brands that have made italy a fashion capital are Gucci, Armani, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fashion Lentils and Coteghini (New Years day for good luck.)
Confetti (Weddings)
Panettone (Christmas)
Colombo Cake (Easter)
If Sicilian Pasta con Sarde (good luck on St.Josephs day)
Pizza Rustica (Easter and Christmas) Food The music of Italy ranges across a broad spectrum of opera and instrumental classical music
Italian contributions to ballet are less known and appreciated than in other areas of classical music
The dominance of opera in Italian music tends to overshadow the important area of instrumental music
Opera originated in Italy in the late 16th century during the time of the Florentine Camerata
Italy, being one of Catholicism's seminal nations, has a long history of music for the Roman Catholic Church.
Experimental music is a broad, loosely-defined field encompassing musics created by abandoning traditional classical concepts of melody and harmony, Music David Carretero
Jacob G
Nick Kuo
Milad Moradi
Sierra Moreau
Parham Rafiei
Abe Sathyaseelan
Krishna Shah Thank You for Watching! Grazie per guardare! Currency: euro
Time zone: 6am in Ottawa is 12 pm in Rome
GDP: $2.19 Trillion
73% services, 1.8% agriculture and 24% industry
Inflation: 1.4%
The Italian government's debt is at 118% of GDP
The government spends less on providing public services and benefits to its people than it earns in taxes
Literacy rate: 98%
9% of GDP spent on healthcare compared to 16% in US WHO's health car ranked 2nd best in the world after France Economy Overview The family is the centre of the social structure
First impressions are extremely important
Very enthusiastic greetings, air kissing on cheeks
eloquent, emotional, and demonstrative, face to face communicators
In Northern Italy they are very direct....time=money
In Southern Italy they are more leisurely...personal relationship and trust before money Basic Italian etiquette Fifa ranking 6
Tied for second in world cup wins with 4 next to brazil, countries that won the world cup are 9% more economically efficient
One of the most respected club leagues in the world, AC Milan, Inter Milan
Small nation but strong youth academies with 4 million active participants Football (Soccer) April 25 Liberation day: fall of fascism
May 1: Workers day
June 2: Birth of republic in 1945
8 December: Immaculate Conception
December 25: Christmas Holidays
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