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Going Green & ISTIAS IP

No description

Petra Esser

on 13 April 2017

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Transcript of Going Green & ISTIAS IP

Minor Going Green & ISTIAS IP
Minor projects:
for local clients
Advise on local renewable energy projects
Advise city of Leeuwarden (covenant with enterprises)
Research for "Achter de Hoven"
Millennium Network Fryslan
Greening our own university
4-5 each year
Minor Going Green
Global Sustainability
English, for all studies!
Theory part, 6 weeks
Project assignment, 12 weeks
multidisciplinary teams
Think Global, Act Local
Petra Esser, NHL university of applied sciences, The Netherlands, p.m.esser@nhl.nl

Learning Teacher Network, ESD at the Crossroads, 27-9-2014 Istanbul, Turkey
Theory classes
IP ISTIAS: Integrating Sustainable Techniques into Applied Sciences
2 weeks intensive projects
7 universities: Be, Es, Fr, Nl, Pt, Lt, Ro
6 students per university
2 teachers, 1 each week
project assignment and theory classes
> all results at www.istias.eu !
IP Antwerp: Biomimicry
Homework paper & presentation national teams "Autarchic house"
Kick off workshop "Biomimicry"
Mixed teams, Team building
Various lectures, excursions
Project workshops
Final Presentations & reports
Reflection report
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