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Peter the Great

No description

Aaron Grivna

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Peter the Great

Catherine the Great or was She…?
Catherines views on Jews
The taxes toward Jews were double that of other Russians Jews were not allowed in the middle class. They were treated as forieners with few rights
Pugachev's Rebellion
It was the biggest revolt in Russian history that took place during Catherine’s reign. She had 10,000 Russians killed.
Peter the Great
Modernized Russia by hiring European architects, craftsmen, engineers and merchants
Gained access to the sea through warm water ports-Baltic Sea
Built St. Petersburg-made capital of Russia
Westernized Russia
Reorganized the government
Modernized the Russian army and navy
Boosted national manufacturing and trade
Did not reveal position during voyages
Traveled to other European countries to learn about ship-building and navigation
Expanded Russian empire from Baltic to Pacific
Schools of engineering and science
Defeated Sweden in Great Northern War
Increased trade seven fold
Died after jumping into freezing water to rescue military soldier
The taxes towards Jews were double that of other Russians.Jews were not allowed in the middle class and they were treated as foreigners with few rights.
Major Accomplishments
Peter the Great traveled Europe to study new technology and realized the necessity of educated people to Russia's development.
He built schools of Navigation and Math, Medicine,Engineering, and Science run by foreign teachers.
Peter the Great is known as one of the greatest monarchs because of how he used the system of absolute monarchy to transform Russia from an isolated agricultural, medieval society into an Empire on par with other European powers.
Peter the Great boosted the economy to allows a greater collection of taxes to support the military and the development of Russia.
He applied western mercantilism to stimulate agriculture, industry, and commerce.
Built many factories.
Gained land on the Baltic Coast to set up warm water ports and St. Petersburg to establish trade. He increased trade seven fold.
Peter the Great reorganized the barely functioning structure of government and reorganized and structured it.
An Oberfiscal and a staff of Fiscals were secretly appointed to check the honesty and integrity of government officials.
Enlarged and modernized the army and made it into a professional unit.
Created a navy.
Peter the Great needed a strong military to execute his strong foreign policy and strengthen his position to prevent the threat of coups.
Soldiers received similar training so the army was uniform
Peter the Great, unlike previous Russian monarchs, was not afraid of physical labor.

He was an experienced army officer and navy admiral, and a skillful shipbuilder.

He had an amazingly energetic personality and the scale of Peter's personality and massive reforms have inspired generations of historians, writers and ordinary Russian people.
Catherine the Great
Review of Peter and his rule.
Peter also built his version of
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