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Jennie Finch

No description

Kylee Marie

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Jennie Finch

Jennie Finch By Kylee Rux Date of Birth & Family Members ~ Born on September 3, 1980 in La Mirada, California ~Two older brothers, Shane and Landon, and her parents Doug and Beverly Finch Jennie's Early Life ~Her family was true blue Dodgers fans ~Fifth birthday she was excited when her parents signed her up for L'il Miss T-Ball Education Accomplishments At Arizona
~ Arizona’s co-winner of the Ruby Award, most outstanding female senior student athlete (2002)
~ Set NCAA record for consecutive wins with 60 (2002)
~ Three-time NFCA First-team All American
~ Three-time First-Team All Pac-10 and All-Pacific Region
~ Top three finalists for the USA Softball Collegiate Player of the Year (2002)
~ Pac-10 Pitcher of the Year (2001 & 2002)
~ Led Arizona to NCAA Women’s College World Series title (2001)
~ Finished the season 32-0, NCAA record for wins in a season (2001)
~ Two-time Honda Award winner for softball at Nation’s top player ~Married to Casey Daigle and has two boys, Ace and Diesel ~At 8 years old Jennie went on a vacation to Iowa where she could throw a snowball out of sight ~At 9 years old Jennie made the 10-and-under traveling all-star team ~ Age 12 she led the California Cruisers to the 12-and-under American Softball Association national title in Tennessee Jennies Public Life How Jennie Became Well Known After getting recognized with many awards from her high school, Jennie was recruited by several top universities. The decision was hard but she decided to go to the University of Arizona. Why I Think Jennie is Important ~I think Jennie is important because she inspires you to keep practicing to meet your dreams ~Jennie donates to these charities
~Breast Cancer Research Foundation
~Women Sport's Foundation ~Her team won a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympic Games Other Accomplishments Created a signature line with Mizuno that features a bat, batting gloves, shoes, and mitt with her name on them.
Has spent summers playing with the Chicago Bandits. Jennie was a very excellent student. She went to La Mirada High School and made the varsity softball team as a freshman. Jennie went to college at University of Arizona. ~Her team won a gold medal in the olympics Jennie was also on the USA Team in the summer olympics. What Work Jennie Did ~As a kid Jennie's Dad transformed a small trampoline as a pitch-back Bibliography http://www.jockbio.com/Bios/Finch/Finch_bio.html http://www.jenniefinch.com/static_pages http://www.usasoftball.com/bios.asp?uid=773 http://celebritybabies.people.com/2011/06/20/jennie-finch-welcomes-son-diesel-dean/ If Jennie Didn't Live If Jennie never lived, there wouldn't be as many great records in softball. Knowing About Jennie Fun Facts ~At Jennie's senior year of high school she was captain of the basketball, volleyball and softball teams ~Jennie led Team USA in 2007 and in 31 innings she struck out 49 batters http://www.jockbio.com/Bios/Finch/Finch_facts.html ~A pair of Jennie's game-used, autographed shoes sold on eBay for $1,600 ~Jennie struck out Albert Pujols and Mike Piazza, ~Jennie worked with Cal Ripken at his summer baseball camp ~In 2008, Jennie was a contestant on The Celebrity Apprentice ~Growing up Jennie worked endlessly on pitching and other softball skills Jennie being a celebrity can donate to many charities. Jennie tells you working hard eventually pays off.
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