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Jackie Robinson

No description

Renee Noland

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Jackie Robinson

He was the first African American to play Major League Baseball - Breaking the Major League Color Line. Jackie Robinson Childhood Early Life Adulthood Baseball Beginning
His older brothers inspired him to become an athlete

he played a few sports and received awards in football, basketball, track, and baseball

1936 Jackie won the junior boys singles championship in the Negro Tennis Tournament and earned a spot on an annual baseball tournament all-star team for the Pomona

after 1939 he switched to ULCA becoming the first athlete to win varsity in four sports

as a senior at ULCA he meet Rachel Isum (his wife later on)

1942 he was called to serve at the Army cavalry near Riley, Kansas

soon after January 1943 Robinson and Isum were engaged
accepted a contract for $400 a month, with the Monarchs (now worth $5,164 per month)

1945 he took a contract for the Royals for $600 a month (now worth $7,746 per month)

October 23, 1945 Robinson's contract to the Royals for the season of 1946 was announced to the public

he was the first black baseball player in the International League since the 1880s

February 10, 1946 Robinson and Isum were married
Jackie and his wife, Rachel, had three children

March 17, 1946 Jackie Robinson played his first game with the Royals against the Dodgers
this made him the first black player to play openly for a minor league and against a major league team

November 18,1946 Jackie Robinson Jr. was born (1st child)

Major Leagues Baseball Continues
February 1948 signed contract for $12,500 (worth $120,914 now) with the Dodgers

January 13, 1950 Sharon Robinson was born (2nd child)

spring of 1949 he asked George Sisler to help him with his batting skills

1950 he brought the Dodgers to the National League in double plays

1950 he had the highest salary of any Dodgers that had played at $35,000 (now equal to $388,091)

May 14, 1952 David Robinson was born (3rd child)

at the 1955 World Series he won his first championship where the Dodgers played the New York Yankees

1956 he experienced effects of diabetes and began to lose interest in working with professional baseball

he was going to be traded to the NY Giants for $35,000 (now $299,192) but he had already to resign from baseball and become an executive for the company
Jackie Robinson's Influence on Baseball
December 1956 the NAACP awarded him the Spingarn Medal (awarded once a year for the highest achievement by an African-American)

his playing in the major leagues ended the segregation baseball color line that had formed in professional baseball

him breaking the segregation of baseball showed that people can be equal in many different ways

Jackie Robinson had played with the Dodgers in six World Series

he was referred as "the father of modern base-stealing" by David Falker Leaving the Game
January 5, 1957 Jackie Robinson retired from baseball

1957 his doctor confirmed that he had diabetes

1965 he became the first black person to serve for "ABC's Major League Baseball Game of the Week" as a analyst

October 15, 1972 he made his last appearance to the public by throwing ceremonial pitch of the World Series

he accepted a plaque remembering his 25th anniversary for his MLB first game

he was almost blind when he was middle aged because of heart disease and diabetes problems

October 24, 1972 in Stamford, Connecticut he died of a heart attack at age 53

six days before the 1947 season started Jackie was called up to the Major Leagues by the Dodgers

April 15, 1947 he plays his first major league game at Ebbets Field in front of 26,623 people and he broke the major league color line (first since 1880)

many black fans left the Negro League to watch

there were players who would rather sit the bench than play with Jackie and there were also some who encouraged him a lot throughout the games

his amazing performance through the season earned him an inaugural Major league baseball Rookie of the Year Award

poll of 1947 he was the 2nd most popular man in the country
Remembering Robinson
1999 he was one of the "100 most influential people of the 20th century" according to the "Time" list

1999 he was number 44 on the "Sporting News" list of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players

1984 he was one of 25 members of UCLA's Athletic Hall of Fame

1987 in national and American League the "Rookie of the Year Award " was renamed the "Jackie Robinson Award"

April 15, 1997 #42, his jersey number was retired (first ever in baseball)

2002 he was in Molefi Kete Asante's list of "100 Greatest African Americans

June 25, 2008 MLB made a new plague at the "Baseball Hall of Fame" for impact on baseball and outside

1976 his Brooklyn house was made a National Historic Landmark

2011 Robinson's Montreal home had a plaque placed by the U.S. to honor the end of segregation of baseball

January 31, 1919 he was born in Cairo, Georgia in a sharecropping family

he had 5 older siblings
their names were Edgar, Frank, Matthew, and Willa Mae

sometime after 1920 his family moved to Pasadena, California after their father left

their mother worked a variety of jobs to support her family

CITATION "Jackie Robinson." Wikipedia. N.p., n.d. Web. 4 Mar. 2013
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