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Germany's Trade Agreements

No description

Alejandro Antonio

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Germany's Trade Agreements

Germany's Trade Agreements
Germany being part of the EU , thus all of
their FTA are linked directly to the EU

Countries involved: CETA ( Canada )

Date sign: 18 October 2013

Benefits of agreement :

The agreement will remove over 99% of tariffs between the two
The benefits from the Agreement in the area of NTBs are estimated to result in a €2.9 billion gain for the EU and €1.7 billion for Canada.

Second strongest power in the EU

Countries involved: Singapore (ASEAN)
Date sign: 20 September 2013

Benefits of agreement :
Reduce trade barriers
EU’s exports to Singapore rise by €1.4 billion and Singapore’s exports rise by some €3.5 billion over 10 year

Countries involved: Mexico

Date sign:
8 December, 1997

Benefits of agreement :
EU imports around 63 billion dollars & exports around 88 billion dollars to Mexico which increase lots of available jobs also the GDP&GNP for both EU & Mexico (during 2009-2011) .

Countries involved:
South Korea

Date sign:
15 October 2009

Countries involved:
15 Caribbean countries

Date sign:
October 15 of 2008

Benefits of agreement :
-EU trade with the Caribbean amounts to more than £8 billion every year

-Duty-free and quota-free market access into the EU for CARIFORUM products
-Market opening beyond WTO commitments in the services sectors, including creative and entertainment industries
-CARIFORUM firms can set up a commercial presence in the EU. Sales staff, investors and graduate trainees can also make short-term business visits and travel temporarily to Europe.
Benefits of agreement :

-Provisions for intellectual property, public procurement, competition, transparency of regulation and sustainable development.
-Specific commitments against non-tariff obstacles on sectors.
-Eliminates tariffs for industrial and agricultural goods in a progressive approach.
The agreement addresses non-tariff barriers to trade.
-Trade between the two parties was €64 billion in 2007
-In 2011 South Korea reached the important benchmark of $ 1 trillion total foreign trade (close to 100% of the Korean GDP).
-The gains from duty savings will be even higher as trade between the EU and Korea is expected to expand due to the FTA. It is estimated that the FTA will create new trade in goods and services worth € 19.1 billion for the EU and € 12.8 billion for Korea.
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