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Timesheet Tracker

Overview of the timesheet tracker

Sushant Verma

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Timesheet Tracker

Timesheet Tracker Comp4511 2010, Assignment 1 Regarding Timesheets Used for billing clients for the number of hours spent on projects What you were
working on How much time you spent on it Why have timesheets? By... Makes it easier for employers to report to Project Managers the status of the project. Lets casual employees tell employer how many hours they worked so that they could get paid accordingly. It all comes down to money... Structure / Architecture C odel ontroller M iew V MainMenu.xib
QuickQuestionDialog.xib Paper Prototyping Iteration 1 Not conforming to Human Interface Guidelines Information overload Iteration 2 Couldnt find
add task Iteration 3 Grouped No
Close? Electronic Prototype/Final Product Added ability to
edit times Added Settings Future imporvements More OSX
like settings drawer Rethink the necssity of the task table and project table subclasses Better sounds Dont serialise objects. Instead, write to XML Exporting data
to CSV/Excel Questions ? The end... Added start/stop timers Autosaving window
settings Realised that its not needed Menu items
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