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Polish immigration

for school

Jeff the ref

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Polish immigration

Poles immigrated for many reasons
Firstly poles immigrated because of political unrest
Many also wanted land because in poland land was highly respected and if you owned you were in a high position.

Polish immigration to the US
Most of the poles who came to America were intelectuals and poorer nobles
Why did they do it?
Most were za chlebem immigrants which means for bread. This means that they begged for money so they could eat. Most wanted to
prosper in America before
returning to Poland with
their families.
Others wanted to make a lot
of money in America before
letting their families come here.
Many people died of starvation.

Polish religion
Most polish people were christian
they worshipped mostly the same
gods and were fine about it
Many were not used to having alot of other religions in their area so the polish stuck together in the same communities.
Polish food
Life in the tennements
popular polish cities
polish stories
polish pictures
Life at sea
The life at sea was hard.
There was horrible food and conditions. The immigrants there contracted many
diseases because of their small living spaces. Additionally since no one had any space the diseases spread fast. The food was usually salty peice of meat and a bit of watery potatoe "soup". The soup basicly was the boiled water of the potatoe. The immigrants were placed where the cattle usually went.
Many of the immigrants died on the way there.

Life in the tenements was cramped
About 8-10 people lived in the tenements at the same time
The tenements were ususally small and smelled bad
They were much like the ships when the immigrants came to America. Most immigrants had to stay there for the rest of their lives.
There are many kinds of polish food. There were pierogies which were mashed potaetoes wrapped in pasta. There was kilebasa which was sausage in peppers. These were the kinds of foods that the polish brought here to the US. These foods were introduced when the polish came here.
One of the first polish cities was in Wisconsin that is why so many polish went there. This city was called Polonia. It was a farming community. It started out small. Then it grew in to a really big city. This farming county will be home to a lot of poles.
This was a story from a polish immigrant "Sadie Frowne was typical of this new wave of immigration. She was thirteen when she arrived in America with her mother. They had left their native Poland after the death of Sadie's father and the failure of the small grocery store that provided them a living. The two made their way to America with the help of Sadie's Aunt Fanny who lived in New York City. Sadie's mother soon died and Sadie was left on her own, first finding a job in what she describes as a "sweatshop" in Manhattan's Garment District and then in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn."
This was the typical life of an immigrant during this time. Some would of survived and others would not.
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