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My Romania

a presentation about culture, tradition and life in Romania

Roxana Negoita

on 26 July 2010

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Transcript of My Romania

My Romania
Where is Romania? Our past Romania is situated at about the same distance from the extremities of the European Continent 2950 km from Cape Roca ( SW)
2600 km from the Ural Mountains ( W)
2800 km from Cape North in Norway
Romanian people are very proud of their national history. We think of our selfs as descendants from Trajan and Decebalus, the fierce roman and dacian rulers and that we have latin blood streaming in our veins.
The Black Sea Vlad Tepes, who was NOT a vampire
(1431-1476) our mountains...
Historical Figures Stephan the Great

Michael the Brave
(1558-1601) Mircea the Elder

etno costumes Calusarul Junii This celebration takes place every spring and it is
a pagan ceremonial during which the youngsters
bring a tribute to the renewing of nature. They perform a ritualized scenario in which a deity incarnates itself in one of their rulers.
The young men weare traditional costumes and are riding adorned horses. They have guns and other weapons which are used symbolically.
Healing ritual One of the most reprezentative rituals in romanian folclore, Calusarul takes places every year around 27 may. The old belief has it that a week after Easter, some supernatural beings come down on earth and are dangerous to humans. There are some activities that are prohibited during that days such as: tailouring, washing and so on. It is said that those who do not obey, will be punished with deseases by those spirits. Calusarul has a protective role. Beautiful cities... Art and creativity Places to visit Spirituality and religion Bucharest Sighisoara Brasov Mihai Eminescu
(1850-1889) Orthodox -86.7%
Catholic -4.7%
Greek catholic Unite- 0.9%
Islam - 0.3%
Atheist- 2%

Poetry Nichita Stanescu
(1933-1983) Paintings and sculptures
Nicolae Tonita
Corneliu Baba
Dimitrie Paciurea
(1873-1932) Brancusi
(1876-1957) Sport Gheorghe Hagi Nadia Comaneci Ilie Nastase
Sibiu Cluj Napoca diversity Martisorul Questions? ? ? ?
Our prezent Traian Basescu
president Free time for youngsters
go on the mountains explore...
travel... spend time with friends
it's your choice! Chivu Mutu Mircea Cartarescu
(1956- places to visit
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