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Innocent Smoothies

(Sustainability and Success)

Juliana Burrows

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Innocent Smoothies

Sustainability, Ethics & Charity Keeping Things Natural Sustainable
Ingredients Sustainable
Production Sustainable
Packaging Donation of
Profits Takes care of both the workers and the environment REDUCE 55% reduction in
carbon footprint 100% recycled leaves the world a little bit better 100% recyclable 10% We crush all of
this... into this Should we give up our jobs and make these smoothies ? Innocent Drinks Yummy!!! Healthy!!! Making healthy look cool Group members Enrique Valladares
Maria Fernanda Quevedo
Adriana Kiel
Neville O'Reiley Annie Pan
Sunny Chuang
Christine Chang
Juliana Burrows & Innocent Drinks * Keeping Things Natural
free of concentrates, flavorings or other weird stuff
* Sustainable Ingredients
buy fruits from suppliers that look after both their workers and the environment
* Sustainable Packaging
smaller packaging, recycled or renewable material , packaging that has a low carbon footprint
* Sustainable Production
reducing energy use, water use, and waste to landfill
monitor, discuss, work closely with suppliers monthly to reach their aspirational goals
* Donation of Profit
donating 10% of their profits each year to charity
* Other Projects
Taste Not Waste, Buy One Get One Bee, The Big Knit, Drinks for the Homeless Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright Founded by : 3 Cambridge University graduates In 1999 After 6 months of Smoothie making and £500 worth of fruit ... @ a London Music Festival Since then... Veg pots Juices Kids' drinks "to make natural, delicious and healthy foods that help people live well and die old" Background Mission: Innocent aims : To succeed where every nutritionist has failed .... Making Fruit Fun
Being Healthy Easy & Values : To "create a business we can be proud of" Charity The foundation, helps rural development projects in the countries where its fruit comes from.

Set up in 2004, the vision is to build sustainable futures for the world's poorest people. Now... Since then 58% Expansion A grant giving organisation that works with NGOs to deliver a vision of sustainable farming. BUY ONE GET ONE TREE 1 2 Please mention the company's Mission
Aims Q&A Today's
Specials Mango Pomegranate Other Innocent Projects Kiwi Smoothies! We BUY ONE GET ONE BEE THE BIG KNIT DRINKS FOR THE HOMELESS Pomegranate get excess stock to those who need it A project that helped to introduce over 2 million honeybees into Britain's cities and countryside. Kiwi Please give 3 examples of sustainable practices 3 Mango Please tell us about 3 other projects implemented by the company Any Questions? 2009 18% Stake of Doubled their size Improved the social and environmental standards of how their fruit is grown. 90% Donated millions of pounds to charity Is available in 15 countries and has served nearly 2 billion portions of fruit and veg. Innocent Sufficient funds Help their products get to more people hence more places. Coca Cola has been in business for more than 120 years, things could be learned from them. Innocent's social acceptability will transfer to Coca Cola. Take their ethical values to the world's consumers. Although it is more costly to buy Innocent, their established reputation is what is valuable 2010
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