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Proposal Cover Letters

No description

Jacqueline Brady

on 30 July 2018

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Transcript of Proposal Cover Letters

Proposal Cover Letters
Cover Letters
Are short business documents designed to introduce content to the addressee
Most frequently supplement job application materials; resumes are generally preceded by cover letters
Are also used in many other correspondence contexts where the writer is introducing a content item for consideration
Should begin with you introducing yourself and your interest in the problem your proposal addresses
Should briefly state the proposal and the steps that must be taken to implement it
Should discuss likely objections
they are strong objections so that you can convince your audience to keep reading
Proposal Cover Letters
Everything in a cover letter should be single spaced
Your document should have 1-inch margins and Times New Roman 12pt. font
Paragraphs should not be indented; instead, include a line break between paragraphs
For this assignment, your cover letter should not be longer than one page – this is true in most other cover letter situations as well
Do not begin your cover letter with your name, your instructor’s name, your class, and the date (as you do according to MLA style)
Instead, include your name, your address, your phone number, and your email address
Center this information or align it with the left-hand margin
Type the date on the left-hand margin after a line break; the month should be spelled out
Inside Address
After another line break, you must list the addressee’s contact information
Include his/her name, job title, and address
Below the contact information, create another line break and begin your letter with a salutation
Your salutation should read “Dear Dr./Mr./Ms. (Last name):”
Notice the colon above – do not place a comma after the salutation; business correspondence utilizes colons
In the body paragraphs of your cover letter you will need to inform your reader why you are writing
Identify yourself and your interest in the issue to your reader
Use the first paragraph to briefly summarize the problem that your proposal is aiming to solve
Be clear and concise regarding this background information – your audience is more than likely aware of the issue already
Body Paragraph(s)
Use the next paragraph or two to summarize your proposal
Save your sources and other supporting evidence for the proposal itself, but make sure that you explain the basics of the proposal here
If you anticipate a lot of resistance from your audience, you may want to offer a counterargument in the cover letter so that your reader continues to look at your proposal
Conclude your cover letter by thanking the individual for considering your proposal
Indicate that you would be happy to answer any further questions
Repeat your preferred contact information
After the last paragraph, add your closing
“Sincerely,” “Kind regards,” “Respectfully yours,” and “Many thanks” are common closers
Skip a few lines, then type your name – the blank space is where you would place your handwritten signature
Finally, indicate that you have enclosed an additional document by writing, “Enclosure: Proposal” or something to that effect.
The Proposal Itself
Is the essay portion of your assignment
Should be written in a traditional, academic style and should include citations
Should discuss in detail what your cover letter briefly previews
Should be less direct than your cover letter
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