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World water day

No description

rishko sandra

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of World water day

World Water Day
Water makes up 80% of our body.

Without drinking water
We spent a long time.
About a week or more and even landmines die within a few hours. This means that without drinking water, our country would have been abandoned by the maximum 2 weeks.

On our planet is 3/4 water.
This 94% salt water and only 6% percent of fresh water. (2010)
Due to the lack of drinking water die each year 1.8 million children. That the names of a few countries.
Who has problems with drinking water?
CURRENTLY have problems with drinking water such countries as Africa, India and South America.
Osn (un)
There is the company

has declared annually on March 22 World Water Day. When will deal with various issues concerning water.
Sandra Rishko
In 2017, at the Assembly will be the main topic ,,Waste Water"
Thank you for watching my presentation.
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