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Educational Neglect

No description

Shania Enochs

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Educational Neglect

Educational Neglect
Shania Enochs and Austin Rose

What is educational neglect?
Educational neglect occurs when a parent of a child, age seven through fifteen, interferes with the ability of the child to receive proper care and attention educationally.
Why does it happen?
Parents are more likely to neglect their children if:
• They were neglected as children
• They are isolated with little or no support
• They abuse drugs or alcohol
• They are experiencing stress due to marital problems, unemployment, or ill-health
• Financial stress

What should you do when it happens?
If you know or suspect that a child is being neglected please report it to your nearest
Probation and Welfare Department. Or call Help and Shelter at 73454.

How to prevent it...:
Different ways to prevent neglect are:
Pay attention and love your child,
Help him or her with any homework or problems they need help with,
and make sure you're providing the necessary attention that your child craves.
A video!
Be prepared to tear up a bit... This video is not just representing educational abuse, but several types of abuse.
Stop the cycle
Don't punish your own children if you were abused as a child. End the cycle now and get help before you harm or forever change a child's life.
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