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Rene Descarte

Sabrina's Precal project.

Sabrina Garcia

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Rene Descarte

Rene Descartes Around the age of eleven, he
entered the Jesuit College Royal
Henry-Le-Grand at La Flèche. He met Isaac Beeckman on November 19, 1618.
Isaac sparked Descartes’ interests
in mathematics and physics.
On the night of November 10, 1619, he experienced three powerful dreams (or visions) that he claimed had a profound influence on his life. He concluded that the pursuit of science would be the pursuit of true wisdom for his life.
In 1629, he settled at the university at Franeker where her wrote his first draft of his philosophical work Mediations. In 1630, he had written another book, The World, but was unable to publish it at the time because it involved the Copernican ideas about the sun, and he found that Galileo had been condemned for his agreements to it, to save himself ridicule. It was later published in 1664, after he died.
He wrote his Discourse on Method, that was published in 1637. It outlined four rules for using analysis to reduce any problem into its fundamental parts and how to construct solutions.
He met with Gassendi and Hobbes, in 1647, and suggested to Pascal the barometer experiment (to determine the influence on the weight of air, pressure).
In February 1649, Descartes was invited to join the court of Queen Christina of Sweden. He was asked to rise early to discuss philosophy with her majesty.
He died on 11 Feb 1650
in Stockholm, Sweden Born on 31 March 1596
in La Haye, Touraine, France. Time Line Matrices dddd Matrices have been used throughout history to help solve linear equations. The Chinese were the first to use matrix methods to solve simultaneous equations. Sylvester came decided to give the matrix it name because he understood that a matrix rises a number based on its minors which is where the smaller matrices come from the original by removing columns and rows. The word matrix is derived from Latin, mater (mother).
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