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The Influence of Daoism on Medical Theories and Practices

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diana lam

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of The Influence of Daoism on Medical Theories and Practices

The Influence of Daoism on
Medical Theories and Practices

Understanding Daoism
Also known as Taoism
Laozi, Zhuangzi
China (6th-3rd centuries B.C.E)
Withdrawal from the world into contemplation of nature;simple living;end of striving
Basic premise of Daoism is to preserve health
Ultimate goal is to prolong physical life
In order to preserve health and prolong physical life, medical assistance was needed
Had "faith healers" and "hygienists" who had medical knowledge; spread to other Daoists
Daoism beliefs
Considers patient as a whole; not only the illness
Daoism medicine believes that illnesses and disorders occur due to a lack of harmony with nature (if one is not healthy, then they might be disconnected with nature)
To maintain a healthy body, daoists practiced breathing exercises, meditation, and other medical practices
Medical Theories
Based on concept of balanced qi; energy that flows throughout the body
Qi regulates mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well being.
Relates to the Yin and Yang
Yin - "the lower feminine principle", associated with the earth, weakness, emotion, and darkness
Yang - masculine and related to heaven, strength, rationality, and light
Disease is a result of the qi being disrupted and yin/yang being "unbalanced"
Medical Practices
Acupuncture - a practice (with fine needles) specific areas of the body to relieve pain and for therapeutic purposes.
Moxibustion cupping- a form of heat therapy that is used on specific regions of the body (used to relieve pain, relax muscles, and release stress)
What was the ultimate goal in Daoism?
If someone was ill, what did Daoists believe was the reason why?
What is qi and what does it regulate?
What does the yang represent?
What does the Yin represent?
What is the difference between Daoism medicine and western medicine?
Mortar and Pestle
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