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ADI Sports Platform

No description

Ryan Parry

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of ADI Sports Platform

What Can We Do For You?
Create lasting matchday experiences for fans and sponsors
Maximise your media assets
Take control of your venue commercial rights
With LED installations at 26 stadia across the country, ADI are the UK's favourite supplier of LED solutions
Perimeter LED
LED Screens
Concourse & Hospitality
Fan Zones
Beam Backs
Complete Lifetime Solutions
Broadcast Fibre Network
Global Distribution
Satellite Broadcasting
Virtual Studio
Social Media Integration
Dedicated Resource
Digital Archive Management
Sports Analysis
CCTV Monitoring
Data Centre
Match Programming
Channel Creation
Web Content
Event Broadcast
Films & Documentaries
Commercial Advertising
High performance technologies for high powered engagement
First Installation at Aston Villa, 1997
Polokwane, South Africa
World Cup 2010
Nottingham Forest, 2013
digiSCORE installation at QPR
digiSCORE installation at Murrayfield
Real-time substitution animations
Live match stats
Player introduction with photos
Ability to playout multiple Flash, picture and video content
Flash or JPG live advert system, user controlled
Live text overlay option with full preview
Continue the conversation throughout the venue
Entertainment and promotion on one screen
Build the buzz outside of the venue
Home game atmosphere even when your team's playing away
Surveillance for a safer venue
Complete control of your venue channels at your fingertips
The value of stadium display hardware isn’t just measured in short term cost, but throughout the lifetime of your investment
Technology You Can Rely On
Big screens for big brands and big events
Live Venue
A broadcast platform for the future
Fan Engagement at the Speed of Light
Take Conversations Beyond the Stadium
On demand content for a global fan base
Maximise value through repurposing content
Continuity of conversation
Backbone of the Live Venue platform
10Gbps of dedicated network access to each venue
Latency free HD content
Go global.
High speed links to BT tower
Provide full match production and deliver to international broadcasters
Live satellite links from and to virtually anywhere in the world
Connect with fans wherever they are
The rise of web content
Desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
4G now available
Your own broadcast channel, without the broadcast costs
Centralised service
Tailor commercial opportunities for different markets
Two screens are better than one
Rise of the tablet led to 'second screen' content
Create premium experience with bespoke, interactive programming to accompany a broadcast
Bring venue screens and scoreboards to life with up-to-the-second stats
Deliver live match stats to your scoreboards
Possession, corners, shots on target, tackles made
Take the conversation from the web to the venue
On site production staff to create rich, relevant content
Take control of your media - safe, secure and available
Multi-camera coverage
Player performance analysis from every angle
Ultra Wide Super HD Camera
Analyse the match from the best seat in the venue
Centralised surveillance to keep your venue secure
Let our connectivity work for you
Bringing venue technology to life with compelling bespoke content
Production Partnerships
Our production knowhow and experience...
Your depth of knowledge and understanding of your values and history
Programming tailored to your sport and your venue for your fans
Your venue, your history, your values - your channel
High quality graphics for broadcast quality programming
Speak to your supporters in your sport's language
All the best bits to view again and again
Take engagement to the internet
Maximise event enjoyment and share it with the world
Special club productions for retail or promotion
Making brands look their best on your venue screens
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