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SMP Presentation

Research Education

Joseph Chin

on 18 August 2010

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Transcript of SMP Presentation

Investigating the efficiency ofdifferent laser profiles on thewarming of a metal plate A Science-Mentorship Programme (SMP) Project
Setups fairly realistic
Graphs produced were curves
Gradient of the graph from the 100th iteration
Aluminium and copper are common industrial materials.

No hands-on experiment carried out
Should have tried different sizes of plates

Conclusions Benjamin Chew, Class 3F
Bernard Koh, Class 3F
Joseph Chin, Class 3J
Teacher-Mentor: Mr. Mark Wee
Abstract Aim

Introduction Lasers are used in thousands of different applications

Beam profiles/spatial intensity of laser beams.

Various simulations were run on the software Floworks.
I. uniform,
II. staggered

Material of plate used:
1. Copper
2. Aluminium
Methodology Hypothesis: Gaussian beam most effective Utilised Floworks Assumptions Results Point goal (PG) temperature changes

Total heat load was 3000W for all

200 iterations in all (1 iteration = 0.1s)

Gradient was calculated at 100th iteration

Rate of change of temperature
Analysis & Discussions Practical Application Materials used are common industrial materials

Blowing entrances into coal mines would be easier and faster
Minimise input to maximise output

Increase energy efficiency
Analysis & Discussions 1 Table 2 Table 1
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