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College 2 Career Rewards Program

No description

Career Services

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of College 2 Career Rewards Program

College 2 Career Rewards Program
Creating a Path to Your Professional Career
What is C2C?
How can C2C Benefit Me?
How do I get started?

2013 graduating class survey results:
99% utilized the SPDC
87% completed an internship
90% position is related to their career objective
90% employed, accepted in grad/prof school
Networking leads

40% through internship
36% from parents, family
18% Elon Alumni
LinkedIn, Job & Internship Expo
Schedule appointments with SPDC staff
Find amazing job & internship opportunities
Develop Professionally-earn rewards
Find the career of your dreams
Employer Partners
$25 will be added to you Phoenix Card when you complete the third group of objectives
For Joining
Complete the 5 first year objectives
Complete the second group of objectives
Complete all objectives and be put in
the drawing to win this at the
rewards & recognition gala in May!
Complete all objectives so you can be put in a drawing to win this at the rewards & recognition
gala in May!

Open for appointments weekdays 8-5 p.m.
express drop-in appointments

2-4 p.m.
"I gained confidence not only within myself but with my experiences and skills. Many of my family friends ask how I become so confident in my presentation or earned my internships, and I just smile and credit the C2C program and the SPDC."
Strong Assessment
career interest
personality assessment
...because you can't stay in school forever!
Objective 2
objective 4
objective 5
objective 3
objective 6
objective 6
Cheryl Johnson '13
Job & Internship Expo
Wed. Sept 24
earn objective 10
you don't want to miss it!
rewards await...
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