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RA Class Presentation

No description

Eric Lundgren

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of RA Class Presentation

Roskie Hall Active!
So, What's the Program?
HDCO 464 - Wednesday Class
Delta Tau Chi
Roskie Hall Beach Day!
Fall 2017
Four beach activities
Residents can meet each other!
How to be a good neighbor
Hang up posters and flyers around hall
How are we going to
pull this off??

Campus Resources
Office of Sustainability
Watermelon Eating Contest!
Any Questions?
April 19, 2017
Aidan Lowman, Andrew McLain, Cassie Coate, Courtney Stutheit, Eric Lundgren, Ethan Fison, Hunter Richan, Jake Williams, Lili Bento, Natalie Timm, Rudy Hummel
Help with a cleaner campus
RAs can encourage residents to go
RHA/Rec Center Equipment
Door tags on day of event
40 Contestants
Increasing Environmental Awareness
Trash Cans
Volleyball Net
ResLife Custodians
Logistics: Timeline
Monday, August 29th - Contact Resources
Watermelon Contest =$132
Trivia = $40
Volleyball = $20
Slip N' Slide = $28
Total Budget = $220
Logistics: Budget (4/16/17)
Logistics: Map
Teams of 2-3
"Beach" Volleyball
Volleyball Net Rental From Fitness Center
Slip N' Slide!
Tarps, water, and hose
Eat a quarter watermelon
First one to finish gets a $50 gift card!
Three categories (Roskie Staff Trivia, Campus cleanliness, Campus history
Occurs throughout the entire event
Aidan Wade
2 RAs running event
Saturday, September 2nd - Put up posters
Thursday, September 14 - Obtain Supplies
Saturday, September 16, 2PM - Day of event!
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