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By Erin Stone and Reid Clayton

Erin Stone

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of NC STATE

By: Erin Stone and Reid Clayton NC STATE UNIVERSITY Mr. and Mrs. Wolf History NC State was founded on March 7, 1887.After going through many name changes NC State came out on top. North Carolina State University is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. NC State is well known for their top rated veterinary school and engineering school. Mascot NC State has 3 mascots, Mr. and Mrs. Wolf, and a live mascot, Tuffy. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf were first introduced in 1921, when an anonymous letter called NC State players unruly like a pack of wolves. Every since then the Wolves have been the mascot. Mr. Wolf wears a jersey and his number is 00 while Mrs. Wolf is dressed like a cheerleader. While Tuffy is a actual wolf. Tuffy Players NC State has a great mens basketball
team, including CJ Leslie, Scott Wood,
and Rodney Purvis. CJ Leslie Scott Wood Rodney Pervis CJ Leslie CJ Leslie is from around here, actually
right down the street. CJ went to Holly
Springs High School before transferring
to Word of God. His average percentage
of field goals per game is 52%. His free
throw percentage per game is 61%. He
had 258 rebounds and 528 points in the
2012-2013 season. Scott Wood Scott Wood is from Marion High
School in Marion, Indiana. His
percentage for field goals per game
is 44%.His free throw percentage
per game is 91%. Overall he had 102
rebounds and had 441 points in this
season 2012-2013. Rodney Purvis Rodney Purvis went to Upper Room
Christian Academy for high school. His
percentage for field goals is 44%. His
percentage for free throws is 51%.
Overall, Purvis had 84 rebounds and 292
points in this season 2012-2013. Mark Gottfried Mark Gottfried is NC State's coach.He played 1 season with Oral Roberts and 3 seasons with
Alabama. He has coached more than 19 years of basketball, along with assiting ULCA to a championship in 1955. On April 5, 2011 Gottfried accepted the job he has now. Basketball Program NC State has a great mens basketball
program. This program is run by the
coach, Mark Gottfried. The athlectic
supervisor is Debbie Yow. Debbie Yow Now, NC State is a great college.
Just remember one thing if you go there.
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