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It's Time To Stop Bullying

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Amanda Pochek

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of It's Time To Stop Bullying

It's Time To Stop

Don't just stand there, the time is running out
Cyber-Bullying YouTube Video
Facts about Cyber-Bullying
Affects on Cyber-Bullying
Cyber Bullying can cause depression. Depression can cause people to act out in many ways. They can be sad all the time and shut people out of their lifes. Then can ruin friendships or relationships. Cyber-bullying can also cause people to act out in a dangerous way. People can try to take their minds off of the bullying by self harm. Self Harm is when someone cuts their skin purposely. Then can also be even more dangerous and can some times lead to killing someone or them selves.They can also start an alcohol and drug addiction which can possibly lead to suicide on drug overdose. The victim can also just deal with it and brush the bully off. Some one can also just tell an adult.
What Is Cyber-Bullying?
Cyber-Bullying is when one or more people hurt another persons feelings by calling them mean names, making up rumors, or any other action that hurts their reputation by using social media or other platforms of technology.
Be an Up stander, Not a Bystander.
A Bystander is person who watches people bully one another. An up stander is a person who does something about bullying and stands up to who ever the bully is. If you see someone being bullied, go find an adult and tell them about it. You can also go up to the bully and defend the person being bullied. Tell the bully to back off. Bullying someone can cause depression and possible suicide so do the right thing.

By: Amanda Pochek
and Haley Weber

cyberbullying happens most when your at an older age.
6 % of 9 to 16-year-olds report having been bullied online across Europe. That ,means that cyber-bullying can happen everywhere around the world.
26% of girls reported cases of cyber bullying , compared to only about 17% of boys.
estimated 22 million kids in 2011 were victims of cyber bullying.
Over 90% of teens who have seen cyber bullying say they have ignored it.
For more information
Here are some links to get more information about cyber-bullying.
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