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Amazon Rainforest

No description

Caio Brown

on 21 September 2014

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Transcript of Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Rainforest
By: Caio Brown
What Are The Five Themes Of Geography?
The Five Themes Of Geography are what geographers use to learn as much as they can about the place they are studying. These include:
Movement and
Human Environment Interaction
Movement In The Amazon
What is Location
The Amazon Rainforest
Location describes where the place is and why is the place there. There are two types of location Absolute and Relative.
Location of the Amazon
Relative Location: South America, or Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana, Ecuador and Venezuela.

Absolute Location The latitude of the amazon rainforest is 15 degrees 31 minutes and 5 seconds south, the longitude is 71 degrees 45 minutes and 55 seconds west.

What Is Place
Place includes:
The Relief
The Climate
Water Bodies
Physical Features
Human Features
And Land Features
Place : Referring to the amazon
-The Amazon River
-The Rainforest
-The climate is usually at its highest in October reaching about 27.5 degrees C and its lowest in February reaching at about 26 degrees C
-The rain there is at its highest during march.
-The Relief is mostly plains and plateaus
-There are over 200 native tribes that speak native languages and practice their own traditions.
Human Environment Interaction
What Is Region
A region is a place that has one or more features that distinguish it from its surroundings. Some types of region are :
Cultural Regions
Landform Regions
Agricultural Regions and
Political Regions.

Region Referring To The Amazon
Political Region : Each country independently governs it's piece of the Amazon.

Landform Region : The Amazon rainforest is mostly plains and plateaus. The rainforest is the place with most biodiversity in the world.

Agricultural Region : In each year thousands of miles of the Amazon Rainforest are cut down and destroyed for agricultural purposes. This is mostly done by poor farmers.

Cultural Regions : There are over two hundred native tribes still left in the Amazon. Amongst them over 180 languages are spoken and there are many different cultures in different tribes.
What Is Movement
Movement refers to the movement of :
People (migration)
How People Get Around (bus, train,car)
and Ideas (religion cultures festivals and celebrations and sports.)
Movement also refers to how this place is connected with other places and the world.

The main international airport is in Manaus, a city in Brazil.

The main exports are soy bean, wood and beef.

The main imports are oil gas and other energy sources.

Over 180 languages are spoken in the Amazon Jungle they are all native languages some are Tupi languages
ye or gê languages and many others.

In the Amazon people get around by foot and by boat.

Two examples of religions are Santo Daime and União Do Vegeta.
Human Environment Interaction
This theme looks at how humans affect the environment in negative and positive ways. And how the Environment affects us humans in positive and negative ways.
Human Environment interaction referring to the Amazon
Human To Environment- One example is deforestation.
Human To Environment+ Humans have created various foundations helping find loggers, helping find illegal farmers, illegal animal smugglers
and other things to help conserve the rainforest.
Environment to humans + The environment of the Amazon is the most biodiverse environment on earth which allows us to create more medicines with plants produce more scientific investigations about animals which could help us know about our selves.
Environment to humans- There are many floods in the amazon and malaria is a serious threat during the rainy season.
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