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5 Examples of Advertisements

These are persuasive techniques in advertising.

Jessica W

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of 5 Examples of Advertisements

5 Examples of Advertisements
By: Jessica W
Cottonelle Toilet Paper
Dawn Saves Wildlife Dish Detergent
Febreze Air Freshener
Oral-B Toothbrush
In this commercial, it shows that two star basketball players, LeBron James and Bwight Howard, eat McDonald's during their practices. This persuasive technique is an ethos, because they use celebrities to advertise.
This commercial advertising 'Dawn Dish Detergent' would be considered a Pathos because it may evoke an emotional response in the consumer. Watching small, cute animals getting hurt in tragic accidents such as oil spills would trigger anyone's emotional gear, right? Dawn says that by buying a bottle of their dish detergent will help save many animals who get hurt in the wild.
This commercial uses the advertising technique called Snob Appeal. The puppy lives the ideal luxury life in his mansion, and the commercial says that using Cottonelle toilet paper, you'll be doing the best you can to your bottom. It says that if you want the very best, you should get Cottonelle for the ultimate (bathroom) experience. Also, this commercial could also be considered a Pathos because they use a very cute puppy to advertise their product.
This commercial advertising the Oral-B toothbrush using the Ethos persuasive technique. It shows that most dentists use the Oral-B toothbrust, which would mean that it is the best toothbrush. If most dentists use the toothbrush, it should clear away most plaque and remove bacteria the best; it would be the most trusted brand of toothbrush.
This Febreze commercial shows that regular people just like you go through the trouble of lingering odors. This type of persuasive technique is called Plain Folks. It shows that common people everywhere go through this problem, and that you're not the only one. Then it states that if you want to cure this problem, you should use Febreze because it will get rid of the strong, lingering odors and leave a fresh scent.
When these two basketball players seem to like McDonald's, you might decide to like them as well. This commercial also makes it seem like eating McDonald's will make you an excellent basketball player. After all, if star basketball players eat this, you should too.
This will may make many people choose to buy Dawn dish detergent because they would be helping many animals and be making a 'big difference'. This ad is also a Transfer because it show positive things that Dawn does when you buy their product. It supposedly helps save the wild life if you buy their product.
The consumer may want this product because it shows that an adorable puppy enjoys it, so it must be very soft and strong. If anyone wants the best of the best, they might choose to get Cottonelle because the commercial says it's the best brand of toilet paper.
The consumer watching this commercial will think that if this is the number one dentist recommended brand, they should also use this brand.
Anyone who is watching this commercial will think that many regular people go through this trouble and use Febreze, so they should, too.
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