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No description

Hiezle Bual

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of MEDIA MIX STRATEGY final

MEDIA MIX STRATEGY the 5M's to successfully promote a product or service If you are thinking that the only task of media planners is to simply distribute advertisements to various media outlets then you are wrong. 1. MARKET 2. MONEY 4. MEDIA 5. METHODOLOGY 3. MECHANICS If one of these elements is thrown out of the media strategy the mission to successfully promote a product or service will simply fail. In reality, media planning requires the use of media strategy in order to communicate advertisements to audiences effectively. Media planners have to actually study where and how they can get to these target audiences. Once the market is determined, the budget to make messages for it has to be created. This budget is the money. The way to be creative with the advertisement message to attract the audiences various options available to promote the messages allows media planners to decide as to how many times they should run the message to influence people to buy their products or services. So it is important that everyone studying marketing or planning to work in advertising understand the concepts of 5M’s really well.
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