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Industry and Technology in Victorian England and Canada

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Coral Sanderson

on 1 May 2012

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Transcript of Industry and Technology in Victorian England and Canada




http://www.channel4.com/history/microsites/H/history/guide19/part11.html -Iron Cooking arrived in middle class kitchens
-baths were heated by a gas powered 'geyser'
-Canada was the first to product the steam power
-use most of their technology was powered by steam
-the queen was the first to use the first telephone
-Textile factories make fabrics easier to produce
-the newsprint was invented by a Canadian -Orphans worked and lived at the mill factories
- spent most of their working hours at the machines
-Even part of Sunday was spent cleaning machines.
- worked long hours and were often treated badly
-Coal mines were dangerous places, lots of injuries would occur.
-younger children often worked as "trappers"
-Older children might be employed as "coal bearers"
-Orphans that lived on the street would pick pockets. Industry and Technology in Victorian England and Canada -they got there resources from the mines
-they use water to power the machines
-later on they use steam to power machines
-they had textile factors to make cloth
-the textile resources were cotton they use slaves to pick it
-they had steel and iron smelting factories
-they had ship building in Canada and England -a lot of people die because of health problems
-more women die in factories then men did
-in textile you work with care, they would breathe in fibers
-if you were a miner you had a chance that the mine would collapse
-even outside the factories there was pollution
-chimney sweepers die from smoke or if people had fires going
-a lot of people bodies were disfigure -a lot of people got jobs
-a lot of people had low amounts
-people got money to but food for there family
-some people stole the goods they made
-most of the people were poor
-almost all of them were children
-orphans had food and a place to stay By:Kiren and Coral
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